The way to keep well makeup in summer

keep well makeup
We use glorious makeup to attract all. We have to keep well the makeup in party. We can maintain some special ways to keep it well.

We have to add extra dimension with beauty of girls. First of all, you should select the beautiful dress for looking beautiful. To know how to select a beautiful dress you can go to the article of the matter which is noticeable to select dress. Then you have to use adjusted makeup with beautiful dress in social events or party to attract everyone. The makeup adjusting with dress should be glamorous. You can see our article on some secret way to glamorous makeup to know how to make the makeup glamorous. But extreme heat becomes barrier of this beautiful dress up. But it is impossible to go out without dress up in this summer for that. Let’s know some way to keep well makeup of oily or dry skin

At first, clean the face with face wash or cleanser properly. Because you will feel discomfort if any dirty or oiliness stay in face. There is a fear of melting of makeup for that. And then do the works which have been given bellow.

1) Rub one piece of ice on the face to give the skin peace after washing the face. Makeup will set with face for a long time and the skin will be fresh for that.

2) This is the time of heat but you can use the adjusted cream with skin. And you can select the cream which can keep the skin cold. If you use makeup without cream then it will not look beautiful.

3) You can wipe face with toner properly instead cream. Extra oil will be removed by putting any sunscreen lotion of best quality and makeup will set for a long time.

4) To prevent melting of makeup, you should put makeup primer first.

5) Use such makeup and cosmetics which is completely oil free. The possibility of melting of makeup is decrease for that.

6) Use very little amount of foundation. The fear of melting of makeup will decrease for using semi-liquid or powder foundation than liquid.

7) You can set makeup on skin after put loose powder. That is way the powder absorbs extra oil for a long time and so that makeup will not melt.

8) You must use waterproof makeup. You have to keep tissue paper in your hand. When you are sweat then wipe it lightly.  You can be tension free not only until the last of the function but also back to home.

There is no option adjusted makeup with beautiful dress in social events or party to look beautiful and attract everyone. Makeup and dress should be glorious. We have to keep well this beautiful makeup in summer. Here I have informed you the way to keep well makeup in summer. Use this way and your makeup will be glorious for that. If you have any questions on this topic then write it in comment or contact us page.

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