The way to protect your tooth and gums

protect your tooth and gums
Don’t eat biscuits, cake or chocolate before go to bed because it stuck easily in the tooth.

We have a bad habit that we don’t understand the meaning of our tooth when it is good. We start to understand that tooth is useful for our health when we loss tooth. But by that time we are too late. So we have to be careful about tooth from ago for protect tooth and gums. Everybody should practice some habits for tooth care. The good habits to protect tooth and gums is given blow-

1) Brush your tooth every morning and at night before go to bed by toothpaste and brush. Brush the tooth from top to down and from down to top well. Brush the inside of tooth well.

2) Use dental floss at that place where you cannot brush and clean the tongue for protect gum.

3) Clean the tooth after eating special foods like bread, biscuits, cake; chocolate, ice-cream etc. the possibility of cavity is increase if you don’t do it.

4) Any kinds of toothpaste with fluoride are useful for teeth. Changing brand of toothpaste after 2 or 3 months is better because different toothpaste has different kind of elements.

5) Refrain from using coal, tooth powder, ash, soil, tree branches etc. it cannot protect tooth and gums.

6) Refrain from smoking because the possibility of cancer of tooth and gums will increase for that. Avoid tobacco, betel nuts and betel leaves. Tooth decay is found for that.

7) Avoid the sleeping habits of opening mouth. The diseases of mouth and tooth will increase for this habit.

8) Don’t eat biscuits, cake or chocolate before go to bed because it stuck easily in the tooth. Clean the tooth well if you eat. Otherwise, tooth decay will increase.

9) Fibrous and tough foods like carrot, guava, sugarcane, pineapple, pear, apple and coconut help to keep teeth and gums healthy. It keeps a special role for normal formation of jaw.

10) The foods of vitamin C are very beneficial for tooth and gums. Lemon, orange and various vegetables have plenty of vitamin C. so keep these foods in the diet chart to protect tooth and gums.

There are many diseases of tooth and gums. These diseases are found if we will not be careful for tooth care. So we have to practice some habits to protect tooth and gums. Here I am informing you these habits. Please practice these habits and protect your tooth from diseases.

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