6 homemade ways to bright boy’s skin

homemade ways to bright boy’s skin
You can bring back your missing brightness by some easy and homemade ways like the mixture of honey and cucumber juice, lemon juice with tomato etc.

Skin of boys is rougher than girl’s skin. There is nothing to see own reflection on the mirror after class, office, traveling and coming back home in traffic jam. Boys are indifferent to their skin too. Many people think that taking care of skin is only for girls. There is no necessary of taking care of boy’s skin. But actually, the care of skin can bring back your brightness. So you should take special care of your skin. You can see our article on how to take special care of skin to know more information on this topic. Now let’s know some simple and easy homemade way to bring back your missing brightness-

1) For dry skin, put the mix of equal quantity of honey and cucumber juice on the skin. Keep it 15 minutes. You can use lemon instead of honey for the oily skin.

2) Mix 1 table spoon of powdered milk, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice and half table spoon of almond oil properly. Put the mixture on the skin and keep it 10-15 minutes. Then wash it with clean water. It will remove the sunburn.

3) Use the mixture of some drops of lemon juice with tomato on the face and neck for the bright skin. And wash it after 15 minutes. Note that whether you have allergy to the tomato.

4) Put the mixture of 2 tea spoons of milk and lemon juice on the face and neck. Keep the mixture for 15 minutes. Then wash it with clean water. Use it twice in a week for good result.

5) Put the mix of half cup of tea liquor (cold), 2 spoons of rice flour and half cup of honey on the face. Rice flour will work as a scrubber and honey will maintain the moisture of skin.

6) Put ripe banana on the face and keep it for 3/4 minutes. Then wash it. Do it once in a week. All the hidden dirt of the skin will be removed. You can bring back your missing brightness by banana. To know more benefits of banana, see our article the benefits of eating banana.

Boy’s skin is rougher than girls. But they cannot take care of skin. Because they have to busy with their works.  After working all the day boys there is nothing to take special care of the skin. They are indifferent too to taking care of skin. But boys should take care of skin.

Here I am giving you some homemade ways to bright boy’s skin. Apply it and get a good result. If you have any question on this topic then you can inform me by contact us page or write it on the comment.

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