Some ways for which you can be smart

which you can be smart
Many boys become old than the age for mental stress and take no care of body. They can be smart by take care of hair, lips, skin, dress, well-shaped body etc.

Now the biggest problem of all is many people looks older than the age. When the age increases then its impression will fall on the body and skin. This thing is more common in boys. Many boys become old quickly for workload, mental stress and take no care of body.

Many people try to hide the age when it increases. Boys are not far behind, too. They want that they look a little age and smart. Some ways for which you can be smart is given blew-

Use contact lens instead of glasses

Use contact lens instead of glasses for eye problem. Anyone looks a little older for using glasses.

Learn the proper use of sunglasses

The sunglass not only makes a man stylish but also has a power of lessen the age. To know more information about sunglass, see the benefits of sunglass.  You need a sunglass which is adjusted with your face.

Cover the fold of neck with beard

You can found the fold of neck when the age increase and that’s why many boys look older. Keep a cut of stylish beard to remove this problem. Fold of neck can be cover for that.

Take care of hair

Be careful about hair care. To take care of hair and prevent hair fall, see our article on how to take care of hair. Use necessary products to keep the hair stylish. When the hair fall and become bald then it looks too much older.

Change the hair style

There is no such word that you cannot give a good cut of hair when the age increases. If you can give any good adjust hair cut than it then the age will take much less. If you become bald for hair fall then cut down all the hair. Then you look stylish and little older.

Take care of your lips

Beware of lips care. If the lips look dry or darkish then it looks bad and older. You can see the article of the easy way to remove darkish of lips to know how to remove darkish of lips. So take care of lips regularly. Use a good lip balm. Avoid to smoking.

Remove the gray hair

Don’t mistake to color the hair when it starts to be gray. You can see how to remove gray hair by potato peel to remove all the gray hair naturally.  The age become less 10 years for that.

Well-shaped body

If your body is loose-shaped then you look a lot of older. So be careful to your body shape for a little old. Keep your body well shaped by regular exercise. Your age increase but cannot understand for that.

Select the right dress

Right dress has a power to lessen the age. Be careful about which kinds of dress and color will be adjusted with you. Selecting the right dress can less the age. Our article of the matter that is noticeable to select dress will help you to select right dress.

Stand up straight

Keep posture correctly. If you stand roughly seem to be older. Stand up straight and practice it.

Take care of your skin

You look much older when your skin becomes dry and rough. So hydrate and moisturize your skin. Use a good moisturizer and drink a lot of water. You can see the article on how to use moisturizer to know the better use of moisturizer.

Stop the thinking that “I am an old man”

Finally, you can stop thinking that you have become an old man. If you have young in mind then it will appear in your look.

Dear friends, that’s all. I have informed you which I know. Follow it then you can be a smart boy. If you have any problem or know any other things to be smart then Please inform us by contact us page.

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The style of boys which girls don’t like

style and fashion
Boys look very attractive in formal look. It will not attractive if you want to come in formal look by wear loose fitting formal shirt. Girls don’t like loose fitting shirt and suit.

Not only girls but also boys like style and fashion. Generally, boys look very stylish is he can select T-shirts, shirts, pants and shoes properly. The cause of boy’s style is making his oneself attractive in front of girls and he can easily show attractive own selves. But in many matter, the boy’s fashion sense can be the cause of annoy of girls. Boys think that they look smart for this fashion. But actually the mistakes of this type of fashion will make you unsmarts on the girl’s eye.

The dress of thin cloth

Many people think that wearing dress of thin cloth is look very well. But this is a dislike thing of girls. So don’t wear the dress of thin cloth.

Loose fitting shirt or suit

Boys look very attractive in formal look. It will not attractive if you want to come in formal look by wear loose fitting formal shirt. Girls don’t like loose fitting shirt and suit. So find right size of shirt and suit.

Unmatchable soaks with dress

You should keep tidy inside like outside. There are many people who wear soaks of strange color which is unmatchable with dress. This mistake is also a dislike thing of girls.

Wearing matching clothes

Girls like to wear matching clothes but girls don’t like wearing matching clothes of boys. Such as- if you think yourself very smart by wearing white pant with white shirt then it will be your mistake.

Bright clothes

The mistake of boy’s fashion which is dislikeable to girls is wearing glitter or bright clothes or the dress of bright design. Refrain from wearing these kinds of dress.

The clothes of sweat smell

Girls like the boys of stylish look. And you have not worn expensive dress for style. Your dress should be clean and tidy. Otherwise, if you wear expensive dress then you look unsmarts.

Wear pants down

Boys are wearing pant down now. They think than they look very smart for that but actually it is the opposite. Girls never like it.

Excess tight dress

Girls don’t like tight dress like loose fitting dress. Wearing tight dress cannot make you attractive.

Friends, I am informing you which I know. My information will be useful for you. I hope you can get good results for applying these information.

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