Some simple ways for remove hair stink

remove hair stink
Hair stink is a very annoying problem. Hair can be stinking for dandruff. But you can remove hair stink by lemon, rose water, mehdi and taking care of hair.

Hair stink is very annoying problem. This problem can be seen in the hot season. The scalp sweats for binding hair and stink from hair. Hair can be stinking for binding wet hair. Hair can be also sinking for dandruff. See our article the way for remove dandruff from hair to how to remove dandruff from hair. Hair stink can occur for small infection. Many people faced a position of annoy. But getting rid from this problem is very easy. There are some simple homemade ways to remove hair stink. The way for remove hair stink is given blew.

Use of lemon

The smell of lemon is very refreshing. That’s way lemon juice is effective to remove of hair stink. Put the juice of lemon on the scalp before applying shampoo. Wash your hair after 20 minutes. Then you will see the hair have not stunk. It can remove hair stink.

Rose water

Another way to increase the smell of hair is washing hair with rose water. At first, wash the hair. Then wash hair with the mix of a cup of water and half cup of rose water. It can remove hair stink.


Use Mehdi to get rid from many problems of head and reduce the stench of hair. Mix the coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E with Mehdi to remove the hair stink. Don’t use other thing. That will be good. This paste will able to remove the hair stink.

Some important tips

1) Always keep clean the hair. The hair will not be stinking.

2) Don’t let to gathering dust in the hair. Gathering dust can be the cause of hair stink.

3) Don’t bind the wet hair. The tips of hair become soft with hair stink for it.

4) Dry the hair with natural air as much as possible. Don’t use hit for drying the hair. It is harmful for hair.

The problem of hair stink found at the hot season. Hair can stink for binding wet hair. It can be for dandruff or small infection. People become angry for this problem. But there are some easy and simple homemade ways to remove this hair stink. Lemon, rose water, mehdi can remove hair stink. To remove hair sink you should keep your hair clean, don’t bind wet hair and dry your hair with natural air. Finally, you can remove hair stink by taking special care of your hair. If you have any question on this topic then write it in comment or inform us by contact us page.

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