5 easy ways to remove hair on lip

easy ways to remove hair on lip
We have a problem of unwanted hair on lips. We can remove it by some natural materials. These are powdered pulse, rice, sour yogurt, flour, milk, sugar, turmeric powder etc.

Many men and women suffer from problems of unwanted hair on lip. Especially unwanted hair on women’s lips can found for hormonal problem. And they have to be embarrassment for these hairs on lip. Hair on lips is found on lips, cheek, and chin. There are some skin treatments to remove the hair on lips. But this treatment is very expensive and so painful. And these treatments have many side effects. You can remove hair on lips by some homemade ways without any side effect.

1) Powdered pulse and turmeric pack

Make a pack of 1 teaspoon of powdered pulse, a pinch of turmeric powder and milk. Put this paste on the lips. Wash it when it becomes dry. It will remove hair on lips naturally. Use it two or three time in a week.

2) White part of egg

White part of egg is quite effective to remove hair on lips. Mix white part of an egg, corn flour and sugar well. Now put this paste on your lip. Wash it after 30 minutes. Use it three times in a week to get better result. You can see the hair on lips will decrease within a month.

3) Sugar

Sugar is one of the elements for homemade waxing. Sugar removes unwanted hair and bound to grow new hair. Burn some sugar in a pan for a minute. Mix some lemon juice with it. Put it on the lips when it becomes cold. Rub it roundly with a cloth.

4) Powdered rice and sour yogurt

Make a paste of powdered rice and sour yogurt. Put this paste on the lips. Wait until dry. Then wash with water. It is one of the effective ways. This paste can remove hair on lip naturally.

5) Flour, milk and turmeric powder

Make paste of flour, milk and turmeric powder. Now put it on your lips. Lift it after being dry. It is also an easy and effective ways to remove hair on lips. And it will help to remove hairs on lip.

Men and women have a problem of unwanted hair on lips. It is a very annoying problem. The skin treatments of remove these unwanted hair lips is so painful and expensive and have many side effect. So we don’t need it. We can remove hair on lips by using some homemade ways. It is the paste of powdered pulse and turmeric pack, white part of egg, sugar, powdered rice and sour yogurt, flour, milk and turmeric powder etc. Apply them. I hope you will get good result. If you have any question then inform me by contact us page.

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