7 ways to know the fraudulent man

fraudulent man
Now men cheat with women. The man who doesn’t know to honor of his mother, has a disease of forget all or doesn’t receive phone in front of you is the fraudulent man.

Lately, men are cheating with women. The fraud with the girl is become a play. It is proved that those men are more fraudulent than women. But don’t be thinking. You can know the fraudulent man. There are some ways to know the fraudulent men. You have to know the ways. Then you will able to know the fraudulent men. Some different characteristics of fraudulent man is giving here-

1) Be careful about that man who does not know to honor of his own mother. But these types of man are very clever. They don’t speak too much. Be careful if he says something in mistake. If you can know that what is he thinks about his mother then you can understand what he is thinking about you.

2) He can always turn to the great chance who is always busy with him. For the reason that he always thinks about his good side. He just counts you as options.

3) Every man thinks that he is most powerful. He also thinks that everything is possible to him. These kinds of man lose the interest in things. That’s why the thought of fraud comes in his mind.

4) Abstain from the man who likes to make him mysterious. The possibility of secret things can stay behind making him mysterious.

5) Do not care to him who flirts with anyone by opportunity. He wants to keep them all to himself and you are nothing other than an option to him. He has a trend of go by chance.

6) Be careful to him who has a disease of forget everything. You can think his relationship is not for more days if he forgets your particular days.

7) Do not be happy if he doesn’t receive the phone in front of you. Do not think that he doesn’t receive the phone for spend much time with you. He may not tell you that who talked with him. So be careful.

 Now men cheat with women. They are very clever. But you can know him. You just have to know some different characteristics of the fraudulent men. Here I have told you the way to know the fraudulent men. To get rid from the fraud you have to find a good man as your boyfriend. You must know the ways to know your boyfriend how much best. See our article on know about your boyfriend how much best to get the ways. I am informing that information which I know. “Are there any other ways without these ways to know the fraudulent man?” Please inform us by the contact us page or write it in comment.

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The reason of getting no GF of polite boy

polite boys
Girls don’t like polite boys because fear of relation, obey their mother, excess emotional, can’t tell a lie, more aware of career etc. that’s why polite boys can’t get a GF.

A boy, who is very bad, people cannot go out for his trouser, he has long hair, ring in ear, gorgeous bands in hand. But all the beautiful girls are crazy for him. This type of speech can hared in friends. Then polite boys say eagerly, is there no girlfriend in my fate?

Again, if you notice then you will see that most of the polite boys cannot get any girlfriend and the relation does not last if they have girlfriend. Why it occur? The solution of this question is given here.

Polite boys are boring

Girls have an interest to the bad boys forever. They think that being girlfriend of bad boys is a challenge. On the other hand, polite boys are boring in their eyes. That is why polite boys cannot get a girlfriend.

Fear of relation

Many people have the fear of relation that what happens if I love? If I cannot get married? What happens if my family knows? How I can propose…etc. and that is why their love does not last.

They do not understand the strategy

To love or attack any girl, should have to know some strategy. But polite boys stay away from this and don’t understand. They cannot learn the seven tricks of love. You can see the article of some secret way for attract the favorite girl to know the solution of this situation.

They obey their mother

Most of the polite boys obey their mother. They don’t get married without mothers like or included their mother in all decision. Most of the girls don’t like this matter and they cannot get any girlfriend for that.

More aware of career

Most of the polite boys are very busy with their studies and career. They lost love and other matter in studies. When they realized then it was too late.

Cannot tell a lie

There are some innocent lies in the affair of love. Polite boys cannot exaggerate about own self and present own self as a hero etc. that is why, girls don’t want to agree.

Serious at the beginning

Polite boys become serious at the first dating with anyone and produced right on the girl. And it obstructs the relation.

The excess emotion

Most of the polite boys are excess emotional. They are also very sensitive. So that their relation break for trivial reasons and doesn’t build new relationship.

Girls are more attracted to the bad boys. Polite boy are boring to them. That is why polite bys cannot get a girlfriend. Polite boys also have some style which girls don’t like. Polite boys cannot build a relationship for that. To know which style girls don’t like, see the article of the style of boys which girls don’t like. If you any question on this topic then inform us by contact us page.

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Some ways to know the true friend

true friend
True friends always give you enough time. That’s way the balance between spent times of two friends can be well. This balance is much more important to keep the relation alive.

The word of friend is similar of reliance and trust. Friend and tie is two sides of a coin. Friendship means extract all passion of the heart, talk to open up the amass thing of mind.

You meet many people in the way of life. But you don’t know who is your true friend or who will always remember. You can know the true friend by depending upon some ways.


Relationship depends on the faith. Relationship does not build up where is no faith. Remember that is your friend credible and is he exposes your secret. However if he is credible then you can make relation with him.


True friend always encourage you for every work. Then you can easily know the true friends.

Giving enough time

True friends always give you enough time. That’s way the balance between spent times of two friends can be well. This balance is much more important to keep the relation alive. If there is an imbalance between spending time with friends then you have to think about this relationship again. Because this type of friend can’t be a true friend.

Listening the talk

We are practiced to listen to each other as social creatures. Relationship is not its exception, too. There is a need of talking and listening to understand each other. A true friend will always listen attentively your voile. There is no need of that friend who does not hear you talk.


There is no problem to communicating in a spontaneous friendship as the difference of personality. The friendship can be established with anyone if you can adapt with him. If there any problem in communicate with each other then you can think that this friendship is not normal. He could never be your true friend without the ability of adapt.


It is noticeable that how is your enthusiasm after spending time with friend. If you think, you are spending good time with your friend then the friendship is well. Otherwise, think again about this friendship.

We have a lot of friend. But finding a good friend is very difficult. So try to understand about your friends. Then you will see, you can easily receive your true friend.

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Which kinds of girlfriend make fraud with you

Which kinds of girlfriend make fraud with you

girlfriend fraud
The girlfriend who breakup recently from a deep relationship she can fraud. In this matter, she warps round in your relationship after breakup of old relationship but when the old man comes back again then she wants to turn to him.

If only the man is fraud then it will be one-sided. It may not that every man is cheating for some fraud man. Many woman are fraud but it may not all. A woman who can be fraud and who can be not fraud that is not possible to think as a gender-

Both of man and woman can be fraudulent. There is found the problem when you can’t know the fraudulent. And he simply breaks down in mentally who attract in fraud. So knowing the fraudulent boyfriend or girlfriend is better.

There is some of the characteristic of girlfriend whose possibility of fraud is more than us. This characteristic can set by talk to people. This should not to think that it is absolutely correct. But the girlfriend of this characteristic is fraud in most of time.

1) If the girlfriend fraud for you with old boyfriend then you can think the same thing can happen to you. So be careful.

2) That girlfriend is a fraudulent who becomes bore easily. They are not interested to be settled very quickly. For this because they warp round in the relation but they don’t want to turn to get married.

3) They are fraudulent of relation which does not know that she wants to do. They are hesitant about to know what she wants to do.

4) She is a fraudulent of relation who likes your gift more than you and counts your gift al the time. If anyone gives her any expensive gift than you ten she tries to move him.

5) The girlfriend does not fraud directly who speaks one but wants to explain another. But who says one and wants to explain another is a little difficult to believe.

6) The girlfriend who breakup recently from a deep relationship she can fraud. In this matter, she warps round in your relationship after breakup of old relationship but when the old man comes back again then she wants to turn to him.

7) She can think that you are a fraudulent then you can think the possibility of her fraud is more. If you do not fraud but she always doubt you. She wills fraud you for revenge.

8) The possibility of her fraud is more if she flirting and enjoy it when anyone flirting with her. But it is found very less.

9) If she wants to keep secret your relationship then you can think she is a fraudulent. Express the relationship is a sign of good relation.

10) She cans fraud with you who think that she is a perfect than you. She always thinks that you are not perfect. When she will find any perfect man like her then fraud with you.

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