9 powerful benefits of centella asiatica

centella asiatica
Centella asiatica is very beneficial to cure diseases. It can removes abdominal pain, grow new hair, reorganize died cells, keep youthfulness etc.

We do various things to solve different problem and cure diseases. We call harm for us by treatment. We forgot the side effect for get rid from immediate pain. Always we eat antibiotics too especially abdominal diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea and cholera.

The medicine with side effect is very expensive so that the people of low income cannot buy them. But we don’t know that there is some therapeutics which can get in low price. It can get free if you search. Sometimes we don’t believe it. Centella asiatica is one of the therapeutic.

Centella asiatica is well known leaf. It can usually found on the pond shore. Doctors say that you don’t have to suffer from abdominal pain if you can eat centella asiatica regularly. It not only keeps the heath fresh but also develops intellect if it can eat from childhood. Centella Asiatica helps to keep the youthfulness. You can see our article on how to keep the youthfulness to keep it for a long time. Now let’s know about centella asiatica to be healthy.

1) There is no option of centella asiatica to cure abdominal diseases. You can get rid from any kind of abdominal pain if you eat it regularly. You don’t have to suffer for abdominal pain anymore.

2) Not only abdominal pain but also ulcers and various skin diseases can be cured by eating centella asiatica. Skin sheen will also increase.

3) Centella asiatica have the element of Bacoside A and B. Bacoside B helps to formation of brain cells and increases blood circulation.

4) Centella asiatica helps to keep the nervous system active.

5) Skin becomes dry for died cells. The juice of centella asiatica can reorganize died cells. Then dry skin becomes smooth.

6) If any medicine cannot cure any old wound then put water of boiled centella asiatica leafs.

7) Centella asiatica stop hair fall and helps to grow new hair. To know more ways of grow new hair, see some secret mystery for grow new hair.

8) As you get older but juice of centella asiatica will keep the youthfulness. The beauty of appearance can be found for drinking juice of centella asiatica leaf in a glass of milk. Confidence will also increase.

9) There is option of centella asiatica leafs to cure the diseases of teeth. If bleeding gums and teeth pain can found then boil centella asiatica leafs in a big bowl. Then strain and gurgle the water. You can get a good result soon. You can go to domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum to know more ways to prevent bleeding gum.

We use medicine with side effect to get rid from immediate pain. But we call harm foe us by this. It is so expensive too. But we can use centella asiatica instead medicine to cure diseases. It is free and has no side effect. Centella asiatica can remove the abdominal pain, keep the youthfulness, grow new hair etc. we should use it.

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Domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum

Prevent bleeding gum
The easy way to prevent all kinds of dental problem especially the problem of bleeding gum is cloves. You can suck the clove in the mouth or massage the clove oil on the gums.

The problem of bleeding gum is found for gum infection, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, scurvy, leukemia. In medical science, it is called gingivitis or periodontitis. Generally bleeding from gums at the time of brush, spit and eating something. If you don’t give importance of bleeding gum at the early time then it can be gingivitis. Some domestic way is effective to prevent bleeding gum at early time. Let’s know some domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum-

Citrus fruit

The deficiency of vitamin C is a main cause of bleeding gum. Sour fruit like lemon and orange and vegetable like broccoli and cabbage provides vitamin C and can prevent bleeding gum.


Teeth and gum needs calcium for making it strong and milk has plenty of calcium and protein. So regularly drink milk to prevent bleeding gum.

Avoid smoking

The deficiency of free oxygen will be found for smoking. That’s way it can be a favorable for the growth of some bacteria. So avoid smoking to keep the mouth free of bacteria. According to the opinion of American academy of periodontology, the toxin of tobacco prevents the supply of necessary nutrients for the gums and helps to create inflammation. It is hard to avoid the habit of smoking but avoiding smoking is important for the protection of your mouth and overall health.

Raw vegetables

Chewing some raw vegetables is good for blood circulation and cleaning teeth. So regularly eat some raw vegetables.

Baking soda

Baking soda can kill the bacteria of mouth. Put the baking soda on the gums by finger.


The easy way to prevent all kinds of dental problem especially the problem of bleeding gum is cloves. You can suck the clove in the mouth or massage the clove oil on the gums.

Tulsi and peppermint oil

Teeth will be clean and fresh for brush with peppermint oil and tulsi oil.


After brush, mix a pinch of salt with warm hot water and gurgle with it to prevent bleeding gum.


Massage the gums by finger after brush. The blood circulation will increases, gums will be strong and bleeding gum will be prevented for that.

Avoid fatty foods

Fatty and spicy foods help to create the hole and a source of unhealthy bacteria. That is way bleeding gum may be gingivitis. So avoid fatty foods if you are suffering from bleeding gum as possible.

According to the opinion of University of Lowa Health Care, teeth will be clean for brush and use floss. You also should to go to dentist for cleaning teeth. The possibility of gingivitis and periodontitis with prevent bleeding gum by taking care of teeth.

Remember that the diseases of gum may be infected. So keep separate the brush, glasses etc, who have this problem of bleeding gum. Then you can get rid from the problem of teeth and gum.

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