Some ways to keep makeup in rain

It is very hard to keep makeup on face in rain. But you can do it by correct cosmetics and knowing its use. Use BB cream, eyeliner and lipstick with its best use.

It is hard to keep makeup on face for long time. And it is harder in rainy day. It is sunlight and after sometime it is raining, so we cannot understand that what weather is going to do. You are trying your best and using many ways to keep makeup but you cannot in this ugly weather. You don’t need a lot of things to keep makeup. You need correct cosmetics and know its best use. Let’s know some effective ways to keep makeup in rain. It is given bellow-

1) Primer

You should use primer to keep makeup for a long time in rain. If you want then see our article on some secret tips of makeup to learn about makeup. Even if you don’t want to use foundation then use primer. You can use BB cream after primer. It will give you a matte look for a long.

2) BB cream

You can use BB cream instead heavy foundation. It matte the skin but keep the skin moisturize. You can see our article on how to use moisturizer in the summer to know to keep moisturize your skin. BB cream has an element of SPF which protects skin from harmful UV ray of sun.

3) Eyeliner

Of course you should use waterproof eyeliners. It is best not to use pencil eyeliners, because it is more likely to spread quickly. So this time, it is better to use liquid eyeliners. Use thin eyeliner close to eyelashes. This will show your eyelashes naturally thicker.

4) Eye shadow

Use powder eye shadow in a rainy day. Avoid from using cream or gel eye shadow. Powder eye shadow will stay on eyes for long time. Use light and matte eye shadow instead deep color.

5) Mascara

Try to use waterproof mascara. Use mascara several times. Use for the first time and once when it will dry. Thus, use mascara. See our article on important tips on eye makeup to know more information about this.

6) Lipstick

You should avoid lip gloss and creamy texture lipstick in this time. Use matte lipstick. Put some face powder on lipstick of your lip. This will keep hold lipstick for a long time in the rainy day.

We use makeup to increase our beauty. But makeup doesn’t stay on face for long time in rain. So we have to keep makeup. Some ways to keep makeup has given here. Use correct cosmetics and know its perfect use then you can keep the makeup. If you have any question on this topic you can inform me. You can inform me by contact us page.

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