How to know your GF is lying to you?

girlfriend tell a lie
Sometime your GF can tell lie with you. If she tries to rotate subject, tried to hide phone or additional reaction then you have to understand that your GF is lying.

Is your girlfriend hiding something from you? Is she lying? How do you know your girlfriend is lying to you? Your relationship may be very deep. Both of you trust and love each other. But do you know, sometime your girlfriend tell a lie to you? There is nothing to fear after hearing it. Because your girlfriend does not tell these lies to cheat you. It is a habit of girls, which is in every girl more or less. You r girlfriend tells lie everyday with you. To know which lie she tells every day, see the article of which lie your girlfriend tells every day. You will feel easy if you know these lies. It is very important for your relationship. 7 lies of your girl friend is given bellow-

If she tries to rotate subject

You are talking about anything with your girlfriend. Suddenly if she starts to tell another subject then she tries to rotate subject. Then you have to understand that she trying to tell a lie.

Up hold your weakness frequently

When there is a fear of caught in something, your girlfriend tries to change you by up holding your weakness frequently. When you will see this kind of behavior of your girlfriend then you will be sure that she is hiding the lie.

Tried to hide phone

If your girlfriend wants to hide phone from you then it is sure that she is hiding something from you. As a result, she is forced to tell a lie.

Inertia at the time of speak

Generally the nerve becomes weak at the time of telling lie. She becomes nervous and there is inertia in talk. When you see this sign, your girlfriend is lying to you.

Cannot talk keep eye to eye

If your girlfriend tries to do any other thing at the time of talk and talk without looking then your girlfriend is telling lie.

Additional reaction

At many time of talk, your girlfriend reacts with a little matter. Then you will try to cool her. You may forget the subject of talk at that time. And your girlfriend wants that. This type of behavior is a great sign of telling lie.

Cry without any reason

When her all effort has failed then she starts to cry without any reason. This behavior is a normal thing of girls. But at the time of telling lie she will cry. At many times, man cry when she repented for telling lie. If this occurs then you have to understand that she was lying.

Every girl has a habit of telling lie more or less. But she doesn’t tell lie to cheat with you. It is important to your relationship that you should know these lies.  If she tries to rotate subject, tried to hide phone, cannot talk keep eye to eye or cry without any reason then you have to understand that your girlfriend is telling lie.

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