The important 10 tips for beauty

Important beauty tips
The spot will be found on the dry skin. So take care of dry skin more than oily skin.

There is no man but loves to beauty. People us many equipment without known. And many people are unknown that the kind of beauty will be changed with time. Let’s know 10 tips of beauty.

1) Put the sunscreen when you are at home. Do not neglect it even on cloudy days. UV rays will stay throughout the year. It is harmful to our skin. Many people look older for the influence of UV ray. So we should put a good sunscreen on the skin.

2) Many people have a habit of scratch. Repeated scratch is very harmful for hair. The tip of hair can be broken for that. So a lot of scratching hair is not better. Do not scratch the wet hair because wet hair is very soft and fragile.

3) You should put asterism if your skin is oily. The skin became fitting after using the asterism. If somebody with dry skin use t then the skin will be drier.

4) All the cosmetics have an expiration date. Using the cosmetics after finish the date of expiration is very dangerous for the skin. So do not use compact powder, foundation more than two years. And don’t use the eye makeup like liner, mascara more than one year.

5) Health can be understood by seeing the nails. Nails should be white, without spot, firm and strong. Nails can indicate to high blood passer and your trend of anemia can be understood by white nails. Fungal infection can be seen by green nail.

6) The spot will be found on the dry skin. So take care of dry skin more than oily skin.

7) 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. One should wear it after know the right size and cup size.

8) Wearing high heels can be seen many kinds of problem like back pain, knee pain etc. this can leads to very serious problems. So those who wear high heels for a long time, they warned.

9) Falling hair, dandruff, and acne are linked problems. Dandruff and acne can be found if your skin is oily. Dandruff may be in hair for different hair product, unclean hair, intense cold and emotional stress. (How to remove dandruff for your hair, click here).

10) Using of skin whiting cosmetics for a long time is harmful. This product is made by mercury AV hydroquinone, which is used in skin cancer and liver damage.

“Are there any other methods without these ways to get important tips for beauty?” Please, inform us if you know any other things.

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