How to take care of your leg in summer

leg care
Use moisturizer after wash the leg in clear water and wipe. The leg will be clean and soft for that.

Dust, sunlight etc are harmful for leg skin in the summer. The dust is confined in the leg for sweat, so leg skin needs special care in the summer.

Wear a legs covered dress as a possible in the summer. But use a sunscreen with SPF for save the leg from sunlight. Moreover, you can wear thin socks.

Wear shoes that cover the leg in the summer. The sunlight is not fall on the leg directly and leg skin will be clean and healthy for that.

Clean the legs when you back home from out in the summer. Many people think that there is no require the use of moisturizer on the skin in summer. It is very wrong idea. The skin loses the moisture in the summer. So use moisturizer or foot creams of good quality before go to sleep in day of night in the summer.

Take special care of your leg in the summer. To keep leg skin clean from dust and sunshine, wash and pedicure the leg daily.

To remove sun spot, a making process of family pack

Use sandalwood, fuller’s earth, the mixture of the milk and ripe banana to keep your leg skin soft and less sun spot. Moreover, use soak cotton in lemon juice on the leg. Wash the leg when it becomes dry. The lemon helps to light the skin color. It is an affective way to remove the sun spot.

Wet the leg in the mixture of vinegar or lemon juice and shampoo to the lukewarm water in one day of the week. The dead cell will be rice and the skin will be soft for that. After a few minutes of soaking, rub the leg with clinker. The dirty of leg and dry skin will be clean for that.

Then use moisturizer after wash the leg in clear water and wipe. The leg will be clean and soft for that.

Select a leg covered shoe is important for select dress in the summer. Use more sunscreen if you wear a sandal. But remember the subject of comfort when you select the shoe.

Dear friend, “Are you things any other easy way for your leg skin care?” Please inform us.

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