Easy ways to remove white skin spots

easy ways to remove white skin spots
White skin spot is difficult to remove. It can be removed by coconut oil, ginger, copper, red soil and neem. You must be careful about your food too.

According to medical science, the white spot on the skin is called Vitiligo. It can found on hand, leg, face, lip, eye and any part of body. The exact cause of this problem of skin is not known yet. Experts believe that it can be found for autoimmune disorder. Immune system attacks that cells which produce melanin in other word melanocyte. The other causes of white skin spot are- genetic predisposition, stress, want of vitamin B12 and effects of sunlight, fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis etc.

Sati is an embarrassing disease which reduces person’s self-confidence. You should be careful about skin to remove white skin spot. So you should take special care of skin. See our article on how to take special care of your skin to know more information on skin care. White spots on the skin are difficult to remove. But don’t be despair. It is possible to cure the skin problem if it can be identified at earlier. It is important to identify the cause and analyze symptoms of the disease. Vitiligo can be found on the skin of people of any age. But this disease has a trend that it can be found on the deep skin. This disease is not life killer and contagious.

Corticoid stored cream can re-pigmentation of the pale skin. This cream has some side effect. Such as- skin become soft, line can be found on the skin. You can make a cream without side effect; see our article on how to make a fairness cream. Tacrolimus and pimacrolimus ointment have effective influence on their skin who have a little pale skin. Its side effect is less. Light therapy, laser therapy, skin grafting and micro pigmentation are used for the treatment of white skin spot. These are chemical and surgical treatment which is painful and expensive. This disease can be prevented by some natural material. Let’s know about some easy and homemade ways to remove white skin spot.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil can fight against fungi, bacteria and inflammation. Coconut oil helps in the formation of melanin. Use it 2-3 days for two weeks. Then you will see improvement.

Ginger: Ginger improves blood circulation. It helps to stimulate melanin emissions. Rub the ginger on the attacked area and put smashed ginger juice and keep it for a while. You can also drink ginger tea twice in a day.

Copper: Copper helps to increase the production of melanin. Keep water in the pot of copper in the normal temperature overnight. Drink the water in empty stomach in the morning. Drink this water regularly to increase the production of melanin.

Red soil: red soil has huge copper. Put the mix of red soil and ginger on the attracted place. Use it regularly until you get good result.

Neem: Neem is very effective to get rid from the problem of skin. Neem helps to clean blood and increase the ability of prevent disease. Mix the smashed neem leaf with buttermilk. Put the mixture on the white spot of skin. Keep it for while. Wash it when it becomes dry. Use it every day for a few weeks.

Notice about your food with that. You should avoid the fruits like berry who have the problem of white skin spot. Because this fruit has an element of hydroquinone which works as a natural preventer of pleasure. Eat the foods of vitamin B 12, folic acid, zinc. You have to avoid red meat and C food.

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