7 foods which can be eat to weight loss

weight loss
We don’t eat before go to bed. It increases weight. If you are hungry then eat Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana etc. it will helps to weight loss.

Generally, we forbid to eat most of the food before go to bed because it is not good for health. Especially the weight increases and foods don’t want to digest easily for this habit. But if you are very hungry and you cannot sleep for this then you have to eat. There are some foods which you can eat before go to bed. Some other habit can also weight loss. To know about that habit, see our article on 4 easy ways for your weight loss. Now let’s know some foods which you can eat tension-freely. It not only satisfies your hunger but also help to weight loss. 7 foods which can be eaten to weight loss is given here-

Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream: If you are very hungry before going to bed then you can eat a cup of sour yogurt or sour cream. The difference between the two is sour yogurt is made by fermented milk and sour cream is made by fermented cream. If you eat yogurt before go to bed then it satisfy the want of protein which is need for body’s internal functions and will help to sleep easily because it has the element of probiotic which makes the works of intestine easy.

Chicken meat: You can eat 2 pieces of bake or boil chicken meat in dinner. You can eat low fat and high protein for that.

Cheese: A slice of hard cheese can bring you happiness. It will help you to satisfy the want of calcium of your body and 80 calories.

Fat Free Chocolate Pudding: If you are hungry in night then eat fat free chocolate pudding which can bring you feeling full stomach without increasing weight.

Apple and peanut butter: You can eat an apple before go to bed. Apple is full of fiber which will help you to reduce huger. If you desire to eat sweet then eat peanut butter which can reduce the desire to eat sweet.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal can be the ideal for dinner. There are 200 calories in a bowl of oatmeal. It is very easy to digest and cure the abdominal pain.

Banana: Banana is a fruit which can satisfy your hunger before go to bed. It has many benefits. The good side of eating banana in night is it will not increase weight but it will not increase fat. It is one of the benefits of banana. You can see our article on the benefits of eating of banana to know about benefits of banana.

We usually forbid to eat before go to bed. Because it can increase the weight. But if you are hungry and cannot sleep then eat the food of Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream, Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana, Fat Free Chocolate Pudding, Apple and peanut butter etc. this will not only satisfy your hunger but helps to weight loss.

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5 ways to get rid from low blood pressure

get rid from low blood pressure
Low blood pressure is dangerous for our health. No medicine can control it. Only awareness, proper food habit and regular sleep can control it.

Every people have an idea more or less that how dangerous the high blood pressure is for health. Sometimes low blood pressure can be proved dangerous for you. Low blood pressure is called Hypotension. If the blood pressure is 90 or under 90 then it can be understand that the man have low blood pressure. Blood cannot reach to brain for low blood pressure. That is why people become unconscious for the low blood pressure.


  1. Dizziness
  2. Be unconscious
  3. Difficulty in breathing
  4. Feeling weak etc.

To control the high blood pressure any medicine can be given but medicine of low blood pressure cannot give. Generally everybody say to change food habit. The low blood pressure can be controlled by some homemade ways and can increase the blood pressure. The homemade ways to get rid from low blood pressure is given here.

1) Water with salt

Water of salt increases blood pressure within a few second. Because salt has the element of sodium which can increase the blood pressure. But you should not eat too much salt. Mix ½ cup of salt in a glass of water and brink it. Drink 2 glass of water with salt every day and then you will see the blood pressure have increased.

2) Coffee

Black coffee without milk or sugar can increase the blood pressure quickly. Drink 1-2 cup of black coffee every day. Drink black coffee if you can understand the dizziness or feel sick. It will control pressure forthwith.

3) Raisins

Raisins are used for control the low blood pressure since ancient. Soak 30-40 raisins in the water for the whole night. Next morning, eat it in empty stomach. Drink the water in which raisins were soaked with raisins. Thus, eat raisins for a few weeks. Pressure will be controlled in a few days.

4) Carrot juice

Drink a glass of carrot juice in the morning on empty stomach. Mix a little honey with it. Drink it twice in a day. This will help to increase blood pressure.

5) Almond milk

Soak 7-8 almonds in the water for the whole night. Separate its peel and make a paste. Then mix the almond paste in a glass of milk and drink it.

Low blood pressure is very dangerous for health. Blood cannot reach to the brain and man become unconscious for low blood pressure. Medicine can be given for high blood pressure but no medicine should give for the low blood pressure. Only awareness, proper food habit and regular sleep can release from the low blood pressure. So be aware and get rid from low blood pressure. If you have any problem then inform us by contact us page.

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The way to protect your tooth and gums

protect your tooth and gums
Don’t eat biscuits, cake or chocolate before go to bed because it stuck easily in the tooth.

We have a bad habit that we don’t understand the meaning of our tooth when it is good. We start to understand that tooth is useful for our health when we loss tooth. But by that time we are too late. So we have to be careful about tooth from ago for protect tooth and gums. Everybody should practice some habits for tooth care. The good habits to protect tooth and gums is given blow-

1) Brush your tooth every morning and at night before go to bed by toothpaste and brush. Brush the tooth from top to down and from down to top well. Brush the inside of tooth well.

2) Use dental floss at that place where you cannot brush and clean the tongue for protect gum.

3) Clean the tooth after eating special foods like bread, biscuits, cake; chocolate, ice-cream etc. the possibility of cavity is increase if you don’t do it.

4) Any kinds of toothpaste with fluoride are useful for teeth. Changing brand of toothpaste after 2 or 3 months is better because different toothpaste has different kind of elements.

5) Refrain from using coal, tooth powder, ash, soil, tree branches etc. it cannot protect tooth and gums.

6) Refrain from smoking because the possibility of cancer of tooth and gums will increase for that. Avoid tobacco, betel nuts and betel leaves. Tooth decay is found for that.

7) Avoid the sleeping habits of opening mouth. The diseases of mouth and tooth will increase for this habit.

8) Don’t eat biscuits, cake or chocolate before go to bed because it stuck easily in the tooth. Clean the tooth well if you eat. Otherwise, tooth decay will increase.

9) Fibrous and tough foods like carrot, guava, sugarcane, pineapple, pear, apple and coconut help to keep teeth and gums healthy. It keeps a special role for normal formation of jaw.

10) The foods of vitamin C are very beneficial for tooth and gums. Lemon, orange and various vegetables have plenty of vitamin C. so keep these foods in the diet chart to protect tooth and gums.

There are many diseases of tooth and gums. These diseases are found if we will not be careful for tooth care. So we have to practice some habits to protect tooth and gums. Here I am informing you these habits. Please practice these habits and protect your tooth from diseases.

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Domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum

Domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum

Prevent bleeding gum
The easy way to prevent all kinds of dental problem especially the problem of bleeding gum is cloves. You can suck the clove in the mouth or massage the clove oil on the gums.

The problem of bleeding gum is found for gum infection, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, scurvy, leukemia. In medical science, it is called gingivitis or periodontitis. Generally bleeding from gums at the time of brush, spit and eating something. If you don’t give importance of bleeding gum at the early time then it can be gingivitis. Some domestic way is effective to prevent bleeding gum at early time. Let’s know some domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum-

Citrus fruit

The deficiency of vitamin C is a main cause of bleeding gum. Sour fruit like lemon and orange and vegetable like broccoli and cabbage provides vitamin C and can prevent bleeding gum.


Teeth and gum needs calcium for making it strong and milk has plenty of calcium and protein. So regularly drink milk to prevent bleeding gum.

Avoid smoking

The deficiency of free oxygen will be found for smoking. That’s way it can be a favorable for the growth of some bacteria. So avoid smoking to keep the mouth free of bacteria. According to the opinion of American academy of periodontology, the toxin of tobacco prevents the supply of necessary nutrients for the gums and helps to create inflammation. It is hard to avoid the habit of smoking but avoiding smoking is important for the protection of your mouth and overall health.

Raw vegetables

Chewing some raw vegetables is good for blood circulation and cleaning teeth. So regularly eat some raw vegetables.

Baking soda

Baking soda can kill the bacteria of mouth. Put the baking soda on the gums by finger.


The easy way to prevent all kinds of dental problem especially the problem of bleeding gum is cloves. You can suck the clove in the mouth or massage the clove oil on the gums.

Tulsi and peppermint oil

Teeth will be clean and fresh for brush with peppermint oil and tulsi oil.


After brush, mix a pinch of salt with warm hot water and gurgle with it to prevent bleeding gum.


Massage the gums by finger after brush. The blood circulation will increases, gums will be strong and bleeding gum will be prevented for that.

Avoid fatty foods

Fatty and spicy foods help to create the hole and a source of unhealthy bacteria. That is way bleeding gum may be gingivitis. So avoid fatty foods if you are suffering from bleeding gum as possible.

According to the opinion of University of Lowa Health Care, teeth will be clean for brush and use floss. You also should to go to dentist for cleaning teeth. The possibility of gingivitis and periodontitis with prevent bleeding gum by taking care of teeth.

Remember that the diseases of gum may be infected. So keep separate the brush, glasses etc, who have this problem of bleeding gum. Then you can get rid from the problem of teeth and gum.

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