Some ways for which you can be smart

which you can be smart
Many boys become old than the age for mental stress and take no care of body. They can be smart by take care of hair, lips, skin, dress, well-shaped body etc.

Now the biggest problem of all is many people looks older than the age. When the age increases then its impression will fall on the body and skin. This thing is more common in boys. Many boys become old quickly for workload, mental stress and take no care of body.

Many people try to hide the age when it increases. Boys are not far behind, too. They want that they look a little age and smart. Some ways for which you can be smart is given blew-

Use contact lens instead of glasses

Use contact lens instead of glasses for eye problem. Anyone looks a little older for using glasses.

Learn the proper use of sunglasses

The sunglass not only makes a man stylish but also has a power of lessen the age. To know more information about sunglass, see the benefits of sunglass.  You need a sunglass which is adjusted with your face.

Cover the fold of neck with beard

You can found the fold of neck when the age increase and that’s why many boys look older. Keep a cut of stylish beard to remove this problem. Fold of neck can be cover for that.

Take care of hair

Be careful about hair care. To take care of hair and prevent hair fall, see our article on how to take care of hair. Use necessary products to keep the hair stylish. When the hair fall and become bald then it looks too much older.

Change the hair style

There is no such word that you cannot give a good cut of hair when the age increases. If you can give any good adjust hair cut than it then the age will take much less. If you become bald for hair fall then cut down all the hair. Then you look stylish and little older.

Take care of your lips

Beware of lips care. If the lips look dry or darkish then it looks bad and older. You can see the article of the easy way to remove darkish of lips to know how to remove darkish of lips. So take care of lips regularly. Use a good lip balm. Avoid to smoking.

Remove the gray hair

Don’t mistake to color the hair when it starts to be gray. You can see how to remove gray hair by potato peel to remove all the gray hair naturally.  The age become less 10 years for that.

Well-shaped body

If your body is loose-shaped then you look a lot of older. So be careful to your body shape for a little old. Keep your body well shaped by regular exercise. Your age increase but cannot understand for that.

Select the right dress

Right dress has a power to lessen the age. Be careful about which kinds of dress and color will be adjusted with you. Selecting the right dress can less the age. Our article of the matter that is noticeable to select dress will help you to select right dress.

Stand up straight

Keep posture correctly. If you stand roughly seem to be older. Stand up straight and practice it.

Take care of your skin

You look much older when your skin becomes dry and rough. So hydrate and moisturize your skin. Use a good moisturizer and drink a lot of water. You can see the article on how to use moisturizer to know the better use of moisturizer.

Stop the thinking that “I am an old man”

Finally, you can stop thinking that you have become an old man. If you have young in mind then it will appear in your look.

Dear friends, that’s all. I have informed you which I know. Follow it then you can be a smart boy. If you have any problem or know any other things to be smart then Please inform us by contact us page.

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The some way for remove rough hair in the winter

rough hair
Do not use the cap of wool for covering the hair in the winter. Use silk or cotton cloth instead the wool cap. The rub of hair can be reducing for that. And the fear of broken hair can be reducing, too.

Winter means the roughness and dryness of hair. We have to not only be responsible for skin but also control the hair becomes impossible in the winter. The hair needs special care like skin in the winter. Because in the winter, the skin becomes dry and the hair becomes rough. And there is a problem of hair fall and dandruff. So, the hair needs more special care in the winter. Let’s know some easy way to take care of rough hair.

1) The dandruff found for rough scalp in the winter (You can see the way to remove the dandruff in the winter). Massage the hot almond oil on the scalp and hair to remove the dryness of scalp. You can also massage the hot coconut oil. Keep it for 2-3 hours. Then wash the hair with shampoo.

2) Do not wash the hair with much hot water if the weather will cold. The hair will become drier for that. Use warm hot water to wash the hair.

3) They have to use conditioner with shampoo whose hair is dry. Because conditioner creates a part on the hair and the cold wind can not penetrate so that the hair does not be rough.

4) Sour yogurt works very well as a natural conditioner. Put sour yogurt after washing the hair with shampoo. Keep it 15 minutes. Then wash the hair with water. You can get soft and glittering hair.

5) Do not dry the hair with hair dryer. Because hair dryer make the hair very rough.

6) Brush the hair slowly with big teeth comb. The ravels of hair give up easily and reduce hair fall for that.

7) Do not use the cap of wool for covering the hair in the winter. Use silk or cotton cloth instead the wool cap. The rub of hair can be reducing for that. And the fear of broken hair can be reducing, too.

8) Massage the mixture of warm hot coconut oil and lemon juice on the hair and scalp to reduce the dandruff. After 1 hour, wash hair with shampoo.

9) Massage the mixture of honey, vinegar and egg on the scalp when the hair becomes died. The glittering of hair comes back for that.

10) Do not eat that food and chocolate which fried with much oil in the winter. Eat much water, vegetable and fresh fruit instead that to reduce the problem of dandruff.

11) Remove the worry of mind to keep the beautiful hair. Worry of mind can fall the impact on the skin, hair and health.

 “Do you know any thing without these ways?” If you know then you can inform us.

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