The reason of getting no GF of polite boy

polite boys
Girls don’t like polite boys because fear of relation, obey their mother, excess emotional, can’t tell a lie, more aware of career etc. that’s why polite boys can’t get a GF.

A boy, who is very bad, people cannot go out for his trouser, he has long hair, ring in ear, gorgeous bands in hand. But all the beautiful girls are crazy for him. This type of speech can hared in friends. Then polite boys say eagerly, is there no girlfriend in my fate?

Again, if you notice then you will see that most of the polite boys cannot get any girlfriend and the relation does not last if they have girlfriend. Why it occur? The solution of this question is given here.

Polite boys are boring

Girls have an interest to the bad boys forever. They think that being girlfriend of bad boys is a challenge. On the other hand, polite boys are boring in their eyes. That is why polite boys cannot get a girlfriend.

Fear of relation

Many people have the fear of relation that what happens if I love? If I cannot get married? What happens if my family knows? How I can propose…etc. and that is why their love does not last.

They do not understand the strategy

To love or attack any girl, should have to know some strategy. But polite boys stay away from this and don’t understand. They cannot learn the seven tricks of love. You can see the article of some secret way for attract the favorite girl to know the solution of this situation.

They obey their mother

Most of the polite boys obey their mother. They don’t get married without mothers like or included their mother in all decision. Most of the girls don’t like this matter and they cannot get any girlfriend for that.

More aware of career

Most of the polite boys are very busy with their studies and career. They lost love and other matter in studies. When they realized then it was too late.

Cannot tell a lie

There are some innocent lies in the affair of love. Polite boys cannot exaggerate about own self and present own self as a hero etc. that is why, girls don’t want to agree.

Serious at the beginning

Polite boys become serious at the first dating with anyone and produced right on the girl. And it obstructs the relation.

The excess emotion

Most of the polite boys are excess emotional. They are also very sensitive. So that their relation break for trivial reasons and doesn’t build new relationship.

Girls are more attracted to the bad boys. Polite boy are boring to them. That is why polite bys cannot get a girlfriend. Polite boys also have some style which girls don’t like. Polite boys cannot build a relationship for that. To know which style girls don’t like, see the article of the style of boys which girls don’t like. If you any question on this topic then inform us by contact us page.

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The reasons of involved in affair of girls

involved in affair of girls
Girls involve in affair for inability to adapt with new milieu. The causes of involving in affair of are early marriage, lack of emotion, not give importance of her etc.

Boys or girls, who are more involved in affair? As boys raise finger to the girls like that girls are not the bride of keep silent. According to their opinion, boys are more involved in affair. This conflict is forever. Today we can go to the boy’s side. Suppose they are right. Girls are more involved in extramarital relationship. Can you say why it happens? There are some causes of involve in extramarital affair of girls. Let’s know the eight reasons of involved in affair of girls.

Early marriage:

Early marriage may be the reason of involved in affair of girls. The girl who was married on 20 years old, she wants to get back the days which have passed.

Marriage for family pressure:

Many girls have forced to get marry for the pressure of family and society. After a few days she can understand that she has mistaken. Then she starts extramarital relationship.

Inability to adapt:

In most of the girl’s case, they cannot adapt with new milieu. Again, the opposite is also right. Many boys cannot adapt with the new man of family. And girls involved in affair for that.

Physical demand:

It is one of the reasons of involved in affair of girls. If husband fail to give wife sexual satisfaction then girls attract to other men.

Lack of emotion:

Communication gap is created for want of time. And that is why the emotion to husband become less. Many girls need a good friend at that time.

Different outlook:

Two different people will see the life- it is normal. Many people marry without knowing it. This difference of their outlook begins to clear in time. Husband cannot adapt with it and then girls involved in extramarital affair.

Not given the importance:

Girls have to adapt more. But in many case, various issues are imposed on them. Husband does not give importance to her idea. At that time, they need a friend who will give importance to her.

Girls involve in affair for inability to adapt with new milieu. A girl cannot adapt herself with her new life and that is why they involve in extramarital affair. The reason of involving in affair of girls are early marriage, marriage for family pressure, physical demand, lack of emotion, different outlook and not given the importance of her etc. for these causes they involve in an extramarital relationship. If you have any question to us then you can write it in the comment or inform us by contact us page.

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Boys looking for which girls as a wife

Boys looking for which girls as a wife
Cricket is especially popular in our culture. At present boys like the liking cricket of girls. But husband will not like the more interest on good-looking player than game.

According to the culture of the sub-continent, boys looking for which girls as a wife is given below-

Career conscious girl

In a survey eighty three percent of men said that they want career conscious girl as a wife. According their opinion, I cannot impose such a condition that my wife will not do any work. I will stay out from home for 12/13 hours everyday. In this long, how much time she spends by do the works. She will go out or go for shopping. The money will ruin for that. Working in the home is better than it. The income of family will increase for that.

She like game but not the good-looking player

Cricket is especially popular in our culture. At present boys like the liking cricket of girls. But husband will not like the more interest on good-looking player than game. The opinion of most of the men is we will go to the stadium for enjoy the game but not to see the players.

She will keep information and give opinion

In survey, 73.8 percent men want a girl as wife who keeps all information of country and world. Not only keeping information but also should have an own opinion as a modern girl. That is, now boys like educated and intelligent girls.

Office colleague can not be life partner

The love with office colleague cannot go deeper level. 66.1 percent men believe that they cannot see any dream of making the office colleague as a life partner from light romantic love. They are not eagerness to find the life partner from his office colleague.

In this survey, two annoying habits of girls are identified. These are –

Using mobile phone too much

People use mobile to talk. But 78.2 percent men are in the opposite side of using mobile phone all time. According to their opinion, using mobile phone for excess time is very annoying. The money will waste and the opportunity of disturbing other boys will also increase for that. So boys like using mobile phone in moderate level.

Giving pictures of food in social media

Both of boys and girls don’t like this issue. In a survey, 36.6 percent girls said that it is so much annoying if boys give any picture of food in social communication media. And 78.7 percent boys said that this same issue of girls is very annoying to boys. They don’t want to give any like on these pictures, they said.

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