12 tips of makeup covering acne

tips of makeup covering acne
Woman can’t use makeup for acne. To get rid from this problem, they have to know some tips, who have acne. They should use makeup covering acne.

Women don’t want to use makeup if they have the problem of acne. Because the acne of skin will flourish for that. The condition of acne may be worse for using makeup. But this problem will not any more. Let’s see the effective tips of makeup covering acne-

1) The skin of many people attack by acne very easily. They should use non-acne genic products instead general makeup. It does not off the pore of skin so that the fear of acne will reduce.

2) Use the makeup like powder very less. Select water-based liquid makeup instead it. Such as- Liquid Foundation and blush.

3) Don’t use the foundation of heavy type. You should use light foundation instead it. Tined moisturizers are better for this case.

4) Don’t use the foundation like the products of waxed, stick, pancake and powder because it increases the possibility of acne.

5) Keep clean the makeup brush and sponges regularly. Changing the brushes after a few days is better. Because if you don’t clean it then the bacteria of your skin and extra makeup which put on the brush can increase the acne.

6) Use makeup softly. Your skin will damage if you want to use makeup fast or rub it. So be careful.

7) Don’t let to dry skin. It will produce extra oil if it becomes dry and that is way the acne will increase. Use a moisturizer at begging of day for keep the skin moist.

8) Use oil free primer before makeup. It will absorb the extra oil of your skin and keep hold the makeup whole day.

9) You can use the matte makeup to cover acne. The acne will flourish for using glossy makeup. Matte makeup easily covers them.

10) Use the makeup of natural materials if it possible. These will help to keep skin healthy.

11) Many foundations help to reduce the incidence of acne. These foundations have the element of salicylic acid. Use them if it possible.

12) They who have this type of skin should use the makeup of dimethicon. Because it helps to cover the acne.

Women can’t use makeup for acne. The condition of acne becomes worse for using makeup. To get rid from this problem you should know some tips. Here I have given you some effective tips. Follow them and acne will not be problem for you to using makeup any more. If you have any question to us then write it in comment or inform us by contact us page.

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