Some important advice for your child care in the summer

Child care
Chicken pox, rush, abdominal problem, skin disease, cold problem are mostly attract to the children in the summer.

Children are more sweat than older in the summer. At the time, children suffer in different seasonal problem. A child needs special health care in the summer. The mother should be a special attentive about food, bath and select dress of child. You can avoid this problem by take special care of child.

Some important advice:

You should to bath regularly and keep far of rubbish to child in the summer.

When you go out then keep some pure food with you for child.

You must wipe the sweat when the child will be sweat. If the sweat will be dry then the child can be got a cold.

You should give soft food of child for eat in the summer.

You should keep clean the skin of child to avoid the rush problem (You can see the special care for your skin).

You should feed more water to keep the urine normal.

You should always cover the recent child for keep them warm. You should be remembering that he does not sweat.

Chicken pox, rush, abdominal problem, skin disease, cold problem are mostly attract to the children in the summer.

Chicken pox:

Children are mostly attracting in the chicken pox in this time. It is usually attract that child which is 1-5 years old. But the risk of disease will be less if you have vaccination chicken pox. When children attract in this disease he needs special care. He should wear a soft cotton cloth. You can feed him liquids and soft foods. You should feed him more water. You must feed mother’s milk with that.

Skin rush:

This disease is more common of children. It is usually prickly heat or rush like red crystal on skin. You must keep clean the children because the rush is scratch. You should cause to wear a clean dress of your children after bath regularly (You can see the important tips for beauty bath). You can dress the baby powder on the rush for less scratch. At the time of change the dress of child, you wipe with soft wet cloth and cause to wear powder to child. It can be for diaper so remember that the wet diaper is not stay on the child’s body for long time. You change the diaper when it is lost. Don’t wear the diaper for long time is better in the summer. If rush is a lot of more then it can be blow. You can take advice from experts for that.

Abdominal problem:

Abdominal problem is more attract during the summer season. When the abdominal problem attracts a child then should feed him saline. Water and water of green coconut should feed him with that. With the same time, you must feed him soft food. As long as the closet is not become normal during that time adhere to the rules. You should remember that the child is not water less in his body and the amount of urine is normal. If the child’s toilet with blood then you must take advice from experts.

Do not stop mother’s milk in any position for child which is six month old. The water and other foods will be feed with that.

Cold problem:

The cold problem is more found in children in the summer. The cold problem attract to the child for sweat in the excessive heat. So when child will be sweat then should wipe his body and change the cloth. The child will bath regularly and always keep him clean. Memos can be attracting for cold problem in the time. The memos can be finish in a few days. If it is stay in more days then MMR injection will be input him. You must take action by advice of experts.

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