7 foods which can be eat to weight loss

weight loss
We don’t eat before go to bed. It increases weight. If you are hungry then eat Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana etc. it will helps to weight loss.

Generally, we forbid to eat most of the food before go to bed because it is not good for health. Especially the weight increases and foods don’t want to digest easily for this habit. But if you are very hungry and you cannot sleep for this then you have to eat. There are some foods which you can eat before go to bed. Some other habit can also weight loss. To know about that habit, see our article on 4 easy ways for your weight loss. Now let’s know some foods which you can eat tension-freely. It not only satisfies your hunger but also help to weight loss. 7 foods which can be eaten to weight loss is given here-

Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream: If you are very hungry before going to bed then you can eat a cup of sour yogurt or sour cream. The difference between the two is sour yogurt is made by fermented milk and sour cream is made by fermented cream. If you eat yogurt before go to bed then it satisfy the want of protein which is need for body’s internal functions and will help to sleep easily because it has the element of probiotic which makes the works of intestine easy.

Chicken meat: You can eat 2 pieces of bake or boil chicken meat in dinner. You can eat low fat and high protein for that.

Cheese: A slice of hard cheese can bring you happiness. It will help you to satisfy the want of calcium of your body and 80 calories.

Fat Free Chocolate Pudding: If you are hungry in night then eat fat free chocolate pudding which can bring you feeling full stomach without increasing weight.

Apple and peanut butter: You can eat an apple before go to bed. Apple is full of fiber which will help you to reduce huger. If you desire to eat sweet then eat peanut butter which can reduce the desire to eat sweet.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal can be the ideal for dinner. There are 200 calories in a bowl of oatmeal. It is very easy to digest and cure the abdominal pain.

Banana: Banana is a fruit which can satisfy your hunger before go to bed. It has many benefits. The good side of eating banana in night is it will not increase weight but it will not increase fat. It is one of the benefits of banana. You can see our article on the benefits of eating of banana to know about benefits of banana.

We usually forbid to eat before go to bed. Because it can increase the weight. But if you are hungry and cannot sleep then eat the food of Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream, Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana, Fat Free Chocolate Pudding, Apple and peanut butter etc. this will not only satisfy your hunger but helps to weight loss.

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