How to take care of hair in summer?

take care of your hair
Hair faces many diseases in this heat of summer. So you have to take car of your hair as you have dry, oily, normal, long and short hair.

Now instance heat is in the outside. At this time, everybody have to suffer for hair. Whatever, your hair is short or long; need special care in this weather. Let’s know how to take care of hair according to hair style-

Dry hair

Dry hair becomes dryer in the summer. That is why hair needs care regularly. Such as- massage any hot oil on hair. Do it twice in a week. Mixing juice of onion in it is better. Juice of onion helps to make the hair soft. This massage can be taken at night before sleeping. After massage oil, soak a towel in warm water round on hair for 20 minutes. In this time, the mix of 1 cup of sour yogurt with 2 table spoon of honey can be used on hair. Scratch hair with comb of large tooth for 10 minutes. Then bind hair with clip. Wash hair with shampoo after 20 minutes. Then you will see hair can get a beautiful hair.

Oily hair

Dandruff can be found in oily hair in this weather. This problem occurs for sweating root of hair. Besides, oily hair accumulates a lot of dirt. It is one of reason of dandruff in summer. You can see the article of how to remove dandruff in the summer to know the ways to remove dandruff. Massage the mixture of 3 spoons of lemon juice and 1 tea spoon of oil for 10 minutes to remove oily hair. If possible, try to use this massage regularly.  After massage, wash hair properly. You don’t have to shampoo hair every day. Lemon juice removes oily of the root of hair. The sweat of root of hair becomes less for that.

Normal hair

They, who have normal hair, have to suffer least disturbance in this summer. But who have to go out every day, their hair need special care. Hair losses normal brightness for traveling in sunlight. You can use mixture of ½ cup of liker of tea with an egg to take care of normal hair in the summer. In this case, you have to boil the egg properly. Wait 10 minutes after put this pack on hair. Then wash hair with shampoo.

Long hair

They, who have long hair, have to suffer the problem of bursting tip of hair Use conditioner after bath everyday for that. You should dry the hair in cold wind. Bind hair with braid or bun if you want to go out.

Short hair

Short hair is quite comfortable in the heat. But you have to suffer from various diseases of neck if any problem of hair cannot found for short hair. Such as- skin becomes darkish for sunlight. That is why, who have short hair they can round scarf on neck before go to out. Besides, after coming back from outside, rub ice on the skin of neck. It is beneficial for neck.

We have to face many problem of hair in this heat of summer. So we should be careful about taking care of hair. You must take care of hair as you have dry, oily, normal, long and short hair. So take care of your hair in this summer to make your beautiful. If you have any problem in this topic then inform us by contact us page.

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How girls trapped boys in love?

girls trapped boys in love
All boys fall in girls love seeing something same like magic of eye, smile of lips, beautiful speech, beauty, hair cut or elegant personality etc.

Every people’s passion and demand is almost same. So generally boys fall in girl’s love for seeing something is also same. Which quality and verbal expression will attract you, depends on your own choice and interests. Now you will want to know which things. Things by which girls trapped boys in love are given here. Let’s look at it-

Magic of eye

A proverb has it that eye says the things of mind. It is true. Two beautiful eyes, curved eyebrow and questionable laugh can easily trap you in love. Always boys break heart in this place. And if any girl wants to trap anyone then learn to use eyes properly.

Smile of lips

They who know more about smile than me has stuck in this trap. If any girl gives you a gift of the mysterious smile of pink lips then there is no salvation. And if any girl wants to trap anyone then learn to laugh a mysterious smile. You can see our article of simple way for make beautiful lips.

Beautiful made up speech

The first key of fascinate people is beautiful speech. Many fall in love of girls by taking in phone without seeing her. In this case, beautiful made up speech of girls attract the boys. So to trap boys a girl should learn beautiful made up speech.

Physical cleanliness / beauty

Cleanliness is an extraordinary quality of human. Elegant dress, elegant perfumes, makeup represents a girl’s physical cleanliness and beauty. Always boys like clean girls.

Hair Cut / Size

A proverb has it that the true beauty of girl is her hair. Always boys have an interest to the girl of beautiful hair. It is not that you must have long hair for beautiful hair. You can use a hair cut which will match with your face on your hair. How much hair adjusts with you is important more than long or short hair. You can see some secret mystery for grow new hair.

Elegant personality

Personality is a permanent quality of human. The elegant behavior of girls attracts each boy. So each girl should improve own personality. All the boys will his head at the front of a girl of elegant personality.

All boys fall in girls love seeing something same like magic of eye, smile of lips, beautiful speech, beauty, hair cut or elegant personality etc. That’s all, friends. I have written here which I know about how girls trapped boys in love. Applying these a girls can easily trapped a boy in love. If you have question on this topic then inform us by contact us page or write it in the comment.

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