The easy way to remove darkish of lips

remove darkish of lips
Lemon juice is very well known as a bleaching material. It is very effective material to remove darkish of the lips. Put a little lemon juice on the lip before going to sleep at night.

Our lips become darkish for ultra-violet rays, smoking, drinking coffee and tea and age. This is very uncomfortable.

But there are many solutions for this problem. There are some natural and simple ways to remove darkish of lips and to return pink tint-

Honey: Honey is a natural material that helps the skin shine. Put a little honey on the lips at the night before going to bed and keep it whole in the night. Put honey on the lips before going bed for a few weeks. Within a few weeks you can see to eliminate the darkish of lips.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is very well known as a bleaching material. It is very effective material to remove darkish of the lips. Put a little lemon juice on the lip before going to sleep at night. Everyday do it everyday maintain the rules. Within a few days you can see the difference color of lip’s.

Sugar: Sugar is used as a natural scrubber. Scrub your lip with sugar to remove darkish and dead skin of the lips. Scrubbing is important not only for skin but also for lips. Make a paste of 3 teaspoons sugar and 2 teaspoons butter. Scrub with this paste on your lips at least two time in a week. This will remove the dead skin and to remove darkish of lips and to return pink tint of lips.

Beetroot: Beetroot is very effective material to light color of lips and huge the brightness of lips. The lips become red for juice of beetroot. So put the fresh juice of beetroot on your lips to remove the darkish of lips.

Ice: Many people do not keep any idea about attribute of ice. Any spots become light for ice. Polish a piece of ice on lips everyday. This will remove the darkish of lips. The ice keep correct amount of lips moisture and rescue from dryness.

Milk filmy: To keep pink tint of lips by milk filmy is coming from ancient time. Queens of ancient time used this ingredient. You can get back your losing pink tint of lips by this ingredient. Put milk filmy with honey on your lips. You get back the pink tint of lips in some days by using this ingredient.

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10 signs to understand of girls mind

understand to girls mind
Understanding girl’s mind is not easy. But some signs will tell you that what she is thinking about you and she fails in your live or not.

Understand of girls mind is the most difficult work in the world. Most of boys are suffering in such problem. Is there no way to understand of girls mind?

Of course, ten signs tell you that a girl falls in your love or not. There are also some things which can know only your mind. So let’s look at the 10 signs-

Most importance to you:

The girl is always importance to you. She does not late to answer your massages, tweets or emails. She does not miss your phone calls, even through missed then she says a big “sorry”.

Says about you repeatedly:

It may be thought that she is founding a perfect man, you are reflection for her. She was waiting for someone like you. So she is saying about you repeatedly. She affix you with her any beautiful things.

Now her friends are your friend, too:

If she likes you then she must tells with her friends. Then her friends want to meet with you and make friendship with you.

She wants to touch of your hand:

At the time of sitting in a restaurant or walking on the road, she touches you and her hand joined with your hand. She hugs your hand in the car.

Always stand by your side:

It may be midday or midnight, she must receive your phone calls. It can be that she needs to sleep for beautiful look in an occasion tomorrow. But she will talk to you in the whole night.

She wants to know about your ex-girlfriend:

She wants to know all information of your ex-girlfriend. So that she can understand about your likes and dislikes.

She will be happy for your happiness:

She remembers all memorable day like birthday, wedding anniversary of your parents, first meeting day, your promotion etc.

She wants to smile on your face:

She will try to smile on your face when she can know you do not spend the day well. She will not rest until you understand to be normal again.

Jealousy moment:

If you complement for another beautiful girl in front of her then you see how changed her voice. Then she give you lecture of one hour about that girl.

Understanding a girl’s mind is a difficult task. But there are some sign which can tell you what the girl is thinking about you. Like she will give you most importance, says about you rapidly, she wants to touch your hands, always stand by your side etc. if your girlfriend does these then you can understand that she loves you. It you have any problem then inform us by contact us page.

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3 ways for remove cracked feet in winter

remove cracked feet
Cracked feet can be found in winter. It can be removed by some homemade ways like coconut oil, vinegar, petroleum jelly and lemon juice.

The winter is coming soon. We can found some skin problems before winter come like cracked feet. Dry weather and crack of lower part of foot is called feet. Cracked feet can be found in the winter. But many people suffer from cracked feet for the whole year. And many people use various creams to remove cracked feet. But this cream does not work well. Many creams also have side effects. It can be removed by some homemade ways.

The cause of cracked feet

 Cold weather

 Water shortage

 Many people have dry feet by natural way but may be cracked

 Feet can be cracked by standing any stiff place for a long time

 Bath with hot water

 Problems of diabetes

 Age increase

The ways to remove cracked feet is given bellow:

Coconut oil

The most simple and inexpensive way to prevent cracked feet is coconut oil. Coconut oil moisturizes the feet and removes the bacteria, fungus.

 Soak the feet with warm hot water before going to bed.

 Then wipe the feet and put the coconut oil.

 Keep it the whole night.

 Wash the feet in the morning.

 Regularly do it until the cracked feet become well. You can also use olive oil.

Petroleum jelly and lemon juice

Petroleum jelly moisturizes your dry skin. It equals the cracked spots. The foot will be soft for it.

 Mix the juice of a lemon and 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly.

 Soak the feet in the warm hot water for 10 minutes.

 Then dry the feet.

 Put the mixture of jelly and lemon juice on the feet.

 Massage it lightly.

 Keep it the whole night. Wash your feet in the morning.

 Regularly use it to get the best result.


Vinegar has the acetic acid which can exfoliate the feet. And the feet will be soft.

 Mix ½ or 1 cup of white or apple side vinegar and 2 cup of water.

 Soak your feet with this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.

 Then massage it lightly.

 Put the petroleum jelly or moisturizer when the feet become dry.

 Make a pack of mix of rice powder, honey, vinegar and olive oil.

 Wash the feet well and rub it for a few minutes. Then wash the feet with warm hot water.

Remember, do it two times in a week.

Cracked feet can be found in winter. But somebody suffer from cracked feet for the whole year. They use cream to cure the cracked feet but it fail to cure. It has also harmful side effect. Besides homemade things have no side effect. So you should use homemade things instead cream. Coconut oil, vinegar, petroleum jelly and lemon juice can remove cracked feet. So you should use them. Do you have question to us then inform us by contact us page.

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The important tips for beauty bath

beauty bath
Mixed together 6 table spoon of powdered pulse, 1 tea spoon of turmeric powder, 1 tea spoon of sandalwood paste, 1 table spoon of milk, 1 tea spoon of honey. Put it on the body and keep it 15-20 minutes. Then wash the body. The skin will be shiny and smooth.

Both of body and mind become tried for the work. Beauty bath can refresh quickly by removing the fatigue than ordinary bath. Beauty is becoming popular day by day for the popularity of Spa. You can just beauty bath without the whole package of Spa. The difference of beauty bath and ordinary bath is it not only removes the contaminated things but also brings peace in body and mind. The importance of beauty bath is given blew-

It removes the dead cells of body.

It opens the pore.

It removes the darkish of skin.

It removes the wakefulness.

It increases resistance of disease.

It continued the blood to flow.

You can beauty bath at home. Beauty bath has some stages. At first scrub body and massage oil or cream. Then take steam. Use body musk after it. And at last take bath.

Which is neediness for body scrub?

½ cup of sour yogurt, 1 table spoon of sesame oil, 2 table spoons of sugar or 4 table spoons of papaya paste, 4 table spoons of soybean powder, 1 teaspoon of honey is neediness for body scrub.

Mix all the ingredients together. Scrub the body with it. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. Dead cells of body will be removed by the body scrub. The brightness will be increased. Massage cream or oil on the body after washing the scrub.

Take steam after it. The extra oil or cream will be going out. Put the mask on the whole body with mouth.

Ingredients of mouth mask

Make a pack of the mix of 1 table spoon of lentil paste, 1 tea spoon of cucumber juice, 1 tea spoon of carrot juice, ½ tea spoon of turmeric, ½ tea spoon of milk, ½ tea spoon of honey. Put it on the mouth and wash it after 15-20 minutes.

Ingredients of body musk

Mixed together 6 table spoon of powdered pulse, 1 tea spoon of turmeric powder, 1 tea spoon of sandalwood paste, 1 table spoon of milk, 1 tea spoon of honey. Put it on the body and keep it 15-20 minutes. Then wash the body. The skin will be shiny and smooth.

Body scrub and body musk have been finished. Now know about how you can equip the bathtub and bath.

Products of beauty bath

Aroma candles depend on the shape. The price of the aroma candles is 250 to 300 tk. The price of the shower gel of many companies is 170 to 560 tk. Select the proper shampoo and conditioner with hair.

The place to get these products

You will get aroma candles from various super shops and ARONG. You can get shower gel from various super shops like ALMAS, PRIO, and NONDON etc.

Beauty bath of parlor

You can only take bath with spur in the most of parlor. The cost of scrub, facial, musk and honey milk bath is six thousand 500 tk. It will take three hours.

The cost of just flower bath is one thousand 200 tk. It will take 45 minutes.

The cost of honey milk bath is two thousand tk. Its duration is 45 minutes.


If you have a fever or skin allergies then don’t put scrub.

Sprinkle fresh flower petals in the bathtub.

The ingredients of scrub and mask will have to be fresh.

Use the shower gel of proper smell of lemon in the warm day.

There is no need to keep the aroma candles more than two or three beside the bathtub.

If you want to bath in the beauty parlor then take a lot of time. Don’t be hurry or don’t think about the next work.

Beauty bath can be taken only one day in a week.

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