Some secret mystery for grow new hair

grow new hair
The density of hair can be increased by grow new hair. You can grow new hair by Aloe Vera, shampoo carefully, free from anxiety and mental stress, make a habit of proper eating etc.

Everybody have a problem for hair. It can be more or less. The hair of all people is become badly for weather, dust and negligence. The hair fall is increasing day by day for the problem of this weather, dust and negligence etc but does not grow new hair in that same proportion. The density of hair has started to be less for that. There is no woman who has a right of thick, black and long hair. So try to be aware of it. If you want to increase the density of hair then it does not need to trouble too much. Know about some simple tips instantly. Some secret mystery for grow new hair is given bellow-

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice is especial helpful to grow hair. Put the gel directly on your head skin by collecting gel from leaves of Aloe Vera and keep it 1 hour. Then wash the hair. Regularly use will help to grow new hair.

Shampoo carefully

Use shampoo according the type of your hair. There is no such word that you must use the costly shampoo. Use that shampoo which can be fit. If you don’t maintain that then it can be increase the amount of hair fall. So use shampoo properly.

An emblic myrobalan everyday

Myrobalan is highly effective meal of hair. It helps to be strong the hair structure. Make a habit to eat a myrobalan everyday to grow new hair.

Massage oil regularly

Massage hot oil in your hair at least 3 days in a week. You can use the mixed of 3 oil in bottle among the oil of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, almond oil for need.

Stay away from chemical

Stop to color the hair, to be straight by chemical, using gel on the hair, gayer spray etc for two months. Let to grow new hair naturally.

Free from anxiety and mental stress

It can be seen the difference of hormonal balance in the body and can be hair fall for anxiety and mental stress. So refrain from anxiety or mental stress and it will help to grow new hair.

Make a habit of proper eating

Make a habit of proper eating to grow new hair. Keep vitamins B, C, E, zinc, iron, and copper food in food list. Increase the limit of protein. The hair become strong and grows new hair quickly for that.

We have many problem of hair. Such as- dandruff in hair, gray hair, rough hair, hair stink etc. Being less the density of hair is one of the problems of hair. The density of hair become less for weather, dust etc. we have to grow new hair to increase the density of hair. Some ways to grow new hair has given on this article. You can inform me your problem on this topic by contact us page.

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Some secret way for keep the youthfulness

Everybody wants to keep the youthfulness. It is hard too. But you can keep it by fish oil, giving up sugar, sesame oil, green tea and stay away from mental stress.

No one does like to be old. Everyone wants to keep his youthfulness and age.  “If the youthfulness can be to keep for a few days more”, says people regrettable when the age increases. The impression of age falls on the skin and found any problem of age. But you can’t bring back anything by regrettable. So you should be careful from young age. Maintain some ways with carefully everyday to keep youthfulness for a long time. If the age increase but the impression of age does not fall on skin. Do you want to know that secret way?  Some secret way to keep the youthfulness for a long time is given below-

Fish oil:

There are plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil which is able to resist the impression of age. The omega-3 may improve the body’s resistance of disease, keep well the cardiovascular system, keep healthy the hair and resist the impression of age. So you look as youth and you can feel youthfulness, too. You can eat the fish oil in moderate or keep the fish in your list of food at least 3-4 days in a week.

Give up the sugar:

The prosed sugar is responsible to increase the age of skin. The prosed sugar weak the collagen tissue of our skin. It destroys the elasticity of the skin. So you should give up the sugar.


Do endeavor by anyway such as moving, walking, physical exercise for keep the youthfulness. The physical endeavor increases the blood circulation; supply the oxygen to the body in the right way. The every cell of our bodies become alive and our bodies are shaped much. The problem of aging found very less in the body.

Sesame oil:

Everyday massage your all body with sesame oil to hydrate skin and increase the blood circulation as well. Then take a beauty bath to remove the dead cell of skin. See our article on important tips for beauty bath to know more information about beauty bath. This will help you to keep youthfulness for a long time.

Green tea:

Everyone drinks tea or coffee more or less. If you want to keep the youthfulness of body and skin then start to drink green tea instead of tea or coffee. The antioxidant material of green tea keeps healthy the digestive system, increase the resistance of disease and resist the impression of skin age.

Stay away from mental stress:

Wrinkle can be seen on the skin for mental stress. To remove wrinkle of skin, see article on the way for remove skin wrinkle. Mental stress is also the cause of hair fall. Not only skin but also can be fall the impression of age on your body too for mental stress. Mental stress is the main cause of losing the resistance of disease. Many people become physically weak for the mental stress. So stay away from mental stress as much as possible.

It is hard to keep the youthfulness. But you can do it if you be careful at your young age. Some secret way to keep the youthfulness for a long time is given here. Obey these ways and keep the youth. If you know any other ways on this topic then inform us by contact us page.

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How to remove skin tiredness?

remove skin tiredness
Our skin becomes tried for waking up at night. That is why we get upset. We just have to be careful about some things like eye, food, lip, hair and dress.

We have a habit of reading during night or working in office. And for this our skin becomes tried. Next morning when we see ourselves in the mirror we become sad. But there is no need to get upset. You just have to be careful about your eyes, lip, hair, food and dress after waking at night. The ways to remove skin tiredness is given bellow-

Black spot under eyes

Black spot under eyes is a distraction matter. Concilar can be used for covering it. Concilar is usually used for the problem of black spot skin. It can be different kind. But pencil, liquid or cream concilar will be perfect to cover black spot under eyes. Yellow, orange and olive colored concilar is the best to remove black spot around eye. See our article on how to remove black spot under eyes to know more information about this topic.

Eye swelling

Put T-Bag which has kept in refrigerator yesterday night on eyes to remove eye swelling. Keep it 15 minutes. Then to remove tiredness, massage from eye to ear lightly. Using light makeup is well if you go any occasion. And in other days, they who don’t use eye shadow or mascara can use mascara, shadow of light color.


You should take care of your lips to remove skin tiredness. You should use light colored lipstick or lip gloss on lip before go out at the day after waking up at night. See our article the simple way for make beautiful lip to get an attractive lip.


The women who work in office bind their hair with band and look pretty smart. If you have less sleep at night but next day bind your hair with band then you looks very beautiful.


You must be careful about foods after waking up at night. Drinking plenty of water is good for health if you sleep late hours at night. Salad, vegetables, fresh foods and red tea should be eaten with that. It will maintain moisturize of skin.


Wear a dress of bright color as your wish before go out in this time. But you should notice that the dress have to fit with your personality. See our articles on the matter that is noticeable to select dress for select a suitable dress.

Our skin becomes tried when we sleep late hours at night. And that is why some problems are found like black spot under eyes, eye swelling etc. We have to be careful about our eyes, lips, food, hair and dress. I have given here the ways to remove this tiredness. Obey these advises and I hope you will good result. If you have any problem on this topic then inform me by contact us page.

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Know about 8 benefits of pineapple

benefits of pineapple
Pineapple is a great beneficial fruit. Pineapple has benefits of weight loss, removing acne, removing stomach problems, increasing the ability of digest, skin care, preventing cancer etc.

Pineapple is a juicy, delicious fruit. Ago we can found it in only rainy season but now it is available in market throughout the year. This fruit can also buy on vans beside road. Many people don’t like pineapple. But they should know benefits of pineapple and eat. Pineapple has the element of calcium, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, copper. Pineapple is quite beneficial for removing from stomach problem to acne and other problems. Benefits of pineapple are given bellow-

1) Weight loss

Pineapple is one of the useful fruit to weight loss. It acts as a natural appetite reliever. Pineapple helps to loss 3 kilo weight in a week. So eat pineapple regularly to weight loss.

2) Increases digestion

There are many people who suffer from indigestion problems. Eat fresh pineapple pieces from one of the three in your foods. It removes stomach problems and increases digestion. Note that pineapple has to be ripe.

3) Natural ditx

Pineapple acts as a natural ditx. It is a great benefit of pineapple. It helps to remove toxin thing and be healthy.

4) Makes strong bones and teeth

Pineapple has the element of mineral salts manganese which makes strong bones and teeth. Research has shown that cold, sore throat attack the people low who regularly eat pineapple. So I think you should eat pineapple regularly.

5) Removes worm

Worm is a very annoying problem. You can remove worm by eating pineapple. Pineapple has an ability of destroying worms. Eat pineapple in empty stomach in the morning. It will help you to remove worms.

6) Prevents cancer

There is no cure of cancer yet. But you can prevent cancer by eating pineapple. Pineapple has an element of Antioxidants which fight against free radicals of body. And this prevents some cancers with damage cells.

7) Skin care

Pineapple is very useful to get a beautiful and attractive skin. Make a pack with the mixture of 3 table spoons of chopped pineapple, yolk of an egg and a little amount of milk. Use it on skin. Wash after few minutes. It moisturizes skin.

8) Keeps the blood cells healthy

Keeping the blood cells healthy is one of the greatest benefits of pineapple. Pineapple improves blood cells and helps to active blood circulation. It helps in taking oxygen in the blood.

Pineapple is a fruit which has a lot of benefits. Benefits of pineapple is – weight loss, removing acne, removing stomach problems, increasing the ability of digest, skin care, preventing cancer etc. I have given you the description of this. Eat pineapple and get these benefits. If you have any question then inform me by contact us page.

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