Some ways to keep makeup in rain

It is very hard to keep makeup on face in rain. But you can do it by correct cosmetics and knowing its use. Use BB cream, eyeliner and lipstick with its best use.

It is hard to keep makeup on face for long time. And it is harder in rainy day. It is sunlight and after sometime it is raining, so we cannot understand that what weather is going to do. You are trying your best and using many ways to keep makeup but you cannot in this ugly weather. You don’t need a lot of things to keep makeup. You need correct cosmetics and know its best use. Let’s know some effective ways to keep makeup in rain. It is given bellow-

1) Primer

You should use primer to keep makeup for a long time in rain. If you want then see our article on some secret tips of makeup to learn about makeup. Even if you don’t want to use foundation then use primer. You can use BB cream after primer. It will give you a matte look for a long.

2) BB cream

You can use BB cream instead heavy foundation. It matte the skin but keep the skin moisturize. You can see our article on how to use moisturizer in the summer to know to keep moisturize your skin. BB cream has an element of SPF which protects skin from harmful UV ray of sun.

3) Eyeliner

Of course you should use waterproof eyeliners. It is best not to use pencil eyeliners, because it is more likely to spread quickly. So this time, it is better to use liquid eyeliners. Use thin eyeliner close to eyelashes. This will show your eyelashes naturally thicker.

4) Eye shadow

Use powder eye shadow in a rainy day. Avoid from using cream or gel eye shadow. Powder eye shadow will stay on eyes for long time. Use light and matte eye shadow instead deep color.

5) Mascara

Try to use waterproof mascara. Use mascara several times. Use for the first time and once when it will dry. Thus, use mascara. See our article on important tips on eye makeup to know more information about this.

6) Lipstick

You should avoid lip gloss and creamy texture lipstick in this time. Use matte lipstick. Put some face powder on lipstick of your lip. This will keep hold lipstick for a long time in the rainy day.

We use makeup to increase our beauty. But makeup doesn’t stay on face for long time in rain. So we have to keep makeup. Some ways to keep makeup has given here. Use correct cosmetics and know its perfect use then you can keep the makeup. If you have any question on this topic you can inform me. You can inform me by contact us page.

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How to increase beauty of home by old bed sheet

old bed sheet
We can’t cancel a bed sheet easily. Because we can use it in work of dress up home. Like table cloth, cover of pillow etc.

You have been using the bed sheet for a long time. It has torn partially or the color becomes pale. Usually the bed sheet will be cancel. Will it be canceled entirely? We cannot throw away any things easily. We can use the canceled things in many works. Like that you can use old bed sheet of bed in works of dress up home. There are many ways to use it increasing the beauty of your home. Let’s know how to increase the beauty of home by old bed sheet-

Curtains of window:

You can make curtains window by the bed sheet if it is solid color. You can make different crafts by sewing at the place of tear or pale. Put beautiful lace on the window curtains. Then set hook buying from market. Hang the curtain of sheet on the window. This will works well.

Table cloth:

The sheet of craft has become old. So it is not adjusted with bed. So what? Take a short cut and sew around. It will be beautiful table cloth for tea table of your drawing room. You can use it on the dressing table.

Cover of pillow:

Make cover of pillow by bed sheet when it become old. It will work. If there is a system of flooring in the drawing room then buy some cushions from market and put them on the cover. It will look beautiful.

Bed sheet of pet animals:

Do you have any pet cat or dog? They need a bed sheet. You can use the old sheet of bed as their bed sheet. It will be perfect for this.

Colored door mat:

You cannot use the bed sheet anymore. Think before leaving it in store room. Fold it in beautiful shape; sew it in zigzag stitch as your wish. Then put it at the door. Now this door mat will increase the beauty of home.

Actually there is nothing to throw away easily in this world. Unusable thing can be used easily by spending a little time and idea. Bed sheet is one of them. There are many benefits of this old sheet of bed. You can make many things by this old bed sheet. You can make it the cover of toaster or sandwich maker. You can also make the cover of micro oven by the old sheet of your bed. Thus you can use the old bed sheet in different works.

That’s all, my friends. If you have any question on this topic then you can inform us it by contact us page.

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5 easy ways to remove hair on lip

easy ways to remove hair on lip
We have a problem of unwanted hair on lips. We can remove it by some natural materials. These are powdered pulse, rice, sour yogurt, flour, milk, sugar, turmeric powder etc.

Many men and women suffer from problems of unwanted hair on lip. Especially unwanted hair on women’s lips can found for hormonal problem. And they have to be embarrassment for these hairs on lip. Hair on lips is found on lips, cheek, and chin. There are some skin treatments to remove the hair on lips. But this treatment is very expensive and so painful. And these treatments have many side effects. You can remove hair on lips by some homemade ways without any side effect.

1) Powdered pulse and turmeric pack

Make a pack of 1 teaspoon of powdered pulse, a pinch of turmeric powder and milk. Put this paste on the lips. Wash it when it becomes dry. It will remove hair on lips naturally. Use it two or three time in a week.

2) White part of egg

White part of egg is quite effective to remove hair on lips. Mix white part of an egg, corn flour and sugar well. Now put this paste on your lip. Wash it after 30 minutes. Use it three times in a week to get better result. You can see the hair on lips will decrease within a month.

3) Sugar

Sugar is one of the elements for homemade waxing. Sugar removes unwanted hair and bound to grow new hair. Burn some sugar in a pan for a minute. Mix some lemon juice with it. Put it on the lips when it becomes cold. Rub it roundly with a cloth.

4) Powdered rice and sour yogurt

Make a paste of powdered rice and sour yogurt. Put this paste on the lips. Wait until dry. Then wash with water. It is one of the effective ways. This paste can remove hair on lip naturally.

5) Flour, milk and turmeric powder

Make paste of flour, milk and turmeric powder. Now put it on your lips. Lift it after being dry. It is also an easy and effective ways to remove hair on lips. And it will help to remove hairs on lip.

Men and women have a problem of unwanted hair on lips. It is a very annoying problem. The skin treatments of remove these unwanted hair lips is so painful and expensive and have many side effect. So we don’t need it. We can remove hair on lips by using some homemade ways. It is the paste of powdered pulse and turmeric pack, white part of egg, sugar, powdered rice and sour yogurt, flour, milk and turmeric powder etc. Apply them. I hope you will get good result. If you have any question then inform me by contact us page.

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Know about benefits of sunglasses

benefits of sunglasses
Sunglass protects our eyes from dust and ultra-violet ray of the sun. Besides it’s a fashion. We must be careful about color and shape of sunglass at the time of selecting.

Sunglasses not only protect us from dust and sunlight but also it’s a fashion. Different companies create sunglasses various style considering the need of fashion aware people. There is different style in case of both boy and girl. You look young for wearing sunglass. Sunglass is also a way to be smart. If you want to be smart then sunglass will help you. To know some other ways to be smart, see some ways for which you can be smart.

It is quite comfortable to wear sunglasses when it is light. Sunglasses of heavy frame of American army, Christian Dior is popular. On the other hand, young boys and girls like Dalasi and Gabbana, Prada, Giorgio Armani etc brand.

All kinds of glasses don’t adjust with all appearance. So you have to find that sunglass which will be adjusted with you. The subjects which you have to keep in mind at the time of selecting glass is given bellow-

1) Color and shape.

2) Big glasses are adjusted with big appearance.

3) Select the glasses of slim shape for small appearance.

4) They should use black, coffee, brown glass whose skin is dark.

5) They should use purple, white, pink and red glasses whose skin is bright.

6) Use glasses considering hair style.

7) Girls can put tip on the forehead with sunglass.

8) You must open it before entering in home.

9) You should use a sunglass of good brand.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from dust of the road, insects and harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Sunglasses are very important for rider boy of bicycle or motorcycle. Because dust of air and insect can enter in our eyes at the moving time of bicycle or motorcycle. And sunglass protects us from these dust and insects. The ultra-violet ray of the sun does a lot of harm to cornea and retina of our eyes. Sunglasses prevent the coming of ultra-violate ray of sun to our eyes. So we need sunglasses not only for fashion but also protecting our eyes.

Sunglasses are very beneficial for us. It protects our eyes from dust. We should use sunglass at time of riding bicycle or motorcycle. It also protects our eyes from harmful ultra-violet ray of the sun. Besides, we use it for fashion. We look so much fashionable for wearing sunglass. It also helps us to be smart too. You have to be careful at the time of selecting sunglasses. You should use that glass which will adjust with your appearance. Then you look smart and fashionable. I am informing you about it in this topic. Do you have any question? Then write it in the comment or contact us page.

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