9 powerful benefits of centella asiatica

centella asiatica
Centella asiatica is very beneficial to cure diseases. It can removes abdominal pain, grow new hair, reorganize died cells, keep youthfulness etc.

We do various things to solve different problem and cure diseases. We call harm for us by treatment. We forgot the side effect for get rid from immediate pain. Always we eat antibiotics too especially abdominal diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea and cholera.

The medicine with side effect is very expensive so that the people of low income cannot buy them. But we don’t know that there is some therapeutics which can get in low price. It can get free if you search. Sometimes we don’t believe it. Centella asiatica is one of the therapeutic.

Centella asiatica is well known leaf. It can usually found on the pond shore. Doctors say that you don’t have to suffer from abdominal pain if you can eat centella asiatica regularly. It not only keeps the heath fresh but also develops intellect if it can eat from childhood. Centella Asiatica helps to keep the youthfulness. You can see our article on how to keep the youthfulness to keep it for a long time. Now let’s know about centella asiatica to be healthy.

1) There is no option of centella asiatica to cure abdominal diseases. You can get rid from any kind of abdominal pain if you eat it regularly. You don’t have to suffer for abdominal pain anymore.

2) Not only abdominal pain but also ulcers and various skin diseases can be cured by eating centella asiatica. Skin sheen will also increase.

3) Centella asiatica have the element of Bacoside A and B. Bacoside B helps to formation of brain cells and increases blood circulation.

4) Centella asiatica helps to keep the nervous system active.

5) Skin becomes dry for died cells. The juice of centella asiatica can reorganize died cells. Then dry skin becomes smooth.

6) If any medicine cannot cure any old wound then put water of boiled centella asiatica leafs.

7) Centella asiatica stop hair fall and helps to grow new hair. To know more ways of grow new hair, see some secret mystery for grow new hair.

8) As you get older but juice of centella asiatica will keep the youthfulness. The beauty of appearance can be found for drinking juice of centella asiatica leaf in a glass of milk. Confidence will also increase.

9) There is option of centella asiatica leafs to cure the diseases of teeth. If bleeding gums and teeth pain can found then boil centella asiatica leafs in a big bowl. Then strain and gurgle the water. You can get a good result soon. You can go to domestic ways to prevent bleeding gum to know more ways to prevent bleeding gum.

We use medicine with side effect to get rid from immediate pain. But we call harm foe us by this. It is so expensive too. But we can use centella asiatica instead medicine to cure diseases. It is free and has no side effect. Centella asiatica can remove the abdominal pain, keep the youthfulness, grow new hair etc. we should use it.

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6 homemade ways to bright boy’s skin

homemade ways to bright boy’s skin
You can bring back your missing brightness by some easy and homemade ways like the mixture of honey and cucumber juice, lemon juice with tomato etc.

Skin of boys is rougher than girl’s skin. There is nothing to see own reflection on the mirror after class, office, traveling and coming back home in traffic jam. Boys are indifferent to their skin too. Many people think that taking care of skin is only for girls. There is no necessary of taking care of boy’s skin. But actually, the care of skin can bring back your brightness. So you should take special care of your skin. You can see our article on how to take special care of skin to know more information on this topic. Now let’s know some simple and easy homemade way to bring back your missing brightness-

1) For dry skin, put the mix of equal quantity of honey and cucumber juice on the skin. Keep it 15 minutes. You can use lemon instead of honey for the oily skin.

2) Mix 1 table spoon of powdered milk, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice and half table spoon of almond oil properly. Put the mixture on the skin and keep it 10-15 minutes. Then wash it with clean water. It will remove the sunburn.

3) Use the mixture of some drops of lemon juice with tomato on the face and neck for the bright skin. And wash it after 15 minutes. Note that whether you have allergy to the tomato.

4) Put the mixture of 2 tea spoons of milk and lemon juice on the face and neck. Keep the mixture for 15 minutes. Then wash it with clean water. Use it twice in a week for good result.

5) Put the mix of half cup of tea liquor (cold), 2 spoons of rice flour and half cup of honey on the face. Rice flour will work as a scrubber and honey will maintain the moisture of skin.

6) Put ripe banana on the face and keep it for 3/4 minutes. Then wash it. Do it once in a week. All the hidden dirt of the skin will be removed. You can bring back your missing brightness by banana. To know more benefits of banana, see our article the benefits of eating banana.

Boy’s skin is rougher than girls. But they cannot take care of skin. Because they have to busy with their works.  After working all the day boys there is nothing to take special care of the skin. They are indifferent too to taking care of skin. But boys should take care of skin.

Here I am giving you some homemade ways to bright boy’s skin. Apply it and get a good result. If you have any question on this topic then you can inform me by contact us page or write it on the comment.

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Easy ways to remove white skin spots

easy ways to remove white skin spots
White skin spot is difficult to remove. It can be removed by coconut oil, ginger, copper, red soil and neem. You must be careful about your food too.

According to medical science, the white spot on the skin is called Vitiligo. It can found on hand, leg, face, lip, eye and any part of body. The exact cause of this problem of skin is not known yet. Experts believe that it can be found for autoimmune disorder. Immune system attacks that cells which produce melanin in other word melanocyte. The other causes of white skin spot are- genetic predisposition, stress, want of vitamin B12 and effects of sunlight, fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis etc.

Sati is an embarrassing disease which reduces person’s self-confidence. You should be careful about skin to remove white skin spot. So you should take special care of skin. See our article on how to take special care of your skin to know more information on skin care. White spots on the skin are difficult to remove. But don’t be despair. It is possible to cure the skin problem if it can be identified at earlier. It is important to identify the cause and analyze symptoms of the disease. Vitiligo can be found on the skin of people of any age. But this disease has a trend that it can be found on the deep skin. This disease is not life killer and contagious.

Corticoid stored cream can re-pigmentation of the pale skin. This cream has some side effect. Such as- skin become soft, line can be found on the skin. You can make a cream without side effect; see our article on how to make a fairness cream. Tacrolimus and pimacrolimus ointment have effective influence on their skin who have a little pale skin. Its side effect is less. Light therapy, laser therapy, skin grafting and micro pigmentation are used for the treatment of white skin spot. These are chemical and surgical treatment which is painful and expensive. This disease can be prevented by some natural material. Let’s know about some easy and homemade ways to remove white skin spot.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil can fight against fungi, bacteria and inflammation. Coconut oil helps in the formation of melanin. Use it 2-3 days for two weeks. Then you will see improvement.

Ginger: Ginger improves blood circulation. It helps to stimulate melanin emissions. Rub the ginger on the attacked area and put smashed ginger juice and keep it for a while. You can also drink ginger tea twice in a day.

Copper: Copper helps to increase the production of melanin. Keep water in the pot of copper in the normal temperature overnight. Drink the water in empty stomach in the morning. Drink this water regularly to increase the production of melanin.

Red soil: red soil has huge copper. Put the mix of red soil and ginger on the attracted place. Use it regularly until you get good result.

Neem: Neem is very effective to get rid from the problem of skin. Neem helps to clean blood and increase the ability of prevent disease. Mix the smashed neem leaf with buttermilk. Put the mixture on the white spot of skin. Keep it for while. Wash it when it becomes dry. Use it every day for a few weeks.

Notice about your food with that. You should avoid the fruits like berry who have the problem of white skin spot. Because this fruit has an element of hydroquinone which works as a natural preventer of pleasure. Eat the foods of vitamin B 12, folic acid, zinc. You have to avoid red meat and C food.

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How to know your GF is lying to you?

girlfriend tell a lie
Sometime your GF can tell lie with you. If she tries to rotate subject, tried to hide phone or additional reaction then you have to understand that your GF is lying.

Is your girlfriend hiding something from you? Is she lying? How do you know your girlfriend is lying to you? Your relationship may be very deep. Both of you trust and love each other. But do you know, sometime your girlfriend tell a lie to you? There is nothing to fear after hearing it. Because your girlfriend does not tell these lies to cheat you. It is a habit of girls, which is in every girl more or less. You r girlfriend tells lie everyday with you. To know which lie she tells every day, see the article of which lie your girlfriend tells every day. You will feel easy if you know these lies. It is very important for your relationship. 7 lies of your girl friend is given bellow-

If she tries to rotate subject

You are talking about anything with your girlfriend. Suddenly if she starts to tell another subject then she tries to rotate subject. Then you have to understand that she trying to tell a lie.

Up hold your weakness frequently

When there is a fear of caught in something, your girlfriend tries to change you by up holding your weakness frequently. When you will see this kind of behavior of your girlfriend then you will be sure that she is hiding the lie.

Tried to hide phone

If your girlfriend wants to hide phone from you then it is sure that she is hiding something from you. As a result, she is forced to tell a lie.

Inertia at the time of speak

Generally the nerve becomes weak at the time of telling lie. She becomes nervous and there is inertia in talk. When you see this sign, your girlfriend is lying to you.

Cannot talk keep eye to eye

If your girlfriend tries to do any other thing at the time of talk and talk without looking then your girlfriend is telling lie.

Additional reaction

At many time of talk, your girlfriend reacts with a little matter. Then you will try to cool her. You may forget the subject of talk at that time. And your girlfriend wants that. This type of behavior is a great sign of telling lie.

Cry without any reason

When her all effort has failed then she starts to cry without any reason. This behavior is a normal thing of girls. But at the time of telling lie she will cry. At many times, man cry when she repented for telling lie. If this occurs then you have to understand that she was lying.

Every girl has a habit of telling lie more or less. But she doesn’t tell lie to cheat with you. It is important to your relationship that you should know these lies.  If she tries to rotate subject, tried to hide phone, cannot talk keep eye to eye or cry without any reason then you have to understand that your girlfriend is telling lie.

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7 foods which can be eat to weight loss

weight loss
We don’t eat before go to bed. It increases weight. If you are hungry then eat Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana etc. it will helps to weight loss.

Generally, we forbid to eat most of the food before go to bed because it is not good for health. Especially the weight increases and foods don’t want to digest easily for this habit. But if you are very hungry and you cannot sleep for this then you have to eat. There are some foods which you can eat before go to bed. Some other habit can also weight loss. To know about that habit, see our article on 4 easy ways for your weight loss. Now let’s know some foods which you can eat tension-freely. It not only satisfies your hunger but also help to weight loss. 7 foods which can be eaten to weight loss is given here-

Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream: If you are very hungry before going to bed then you can eat a cup of sour yogurt or sour cream. The difference between the two is sour yogurt is made by fermented milk and sour cream is made by fermented cream. If you eat yogurt before go to bed then it satisfy the want of protein which is need for body’s internal functions and will help to sleep easily because it has the element of probiotic which makes the works of intestine easy.

Chicken meat: You can eat 2 pieces of bake or boil chicken meat in dinner. You can eat low fat and high protein for that.

Cheese: A slice of hard cheese can bring you happiness. It will help you to satisfy the want of calcium of your body and 80 calories.

Fat Free Chocolate Pudding: If you are hungry in night then eat fat free chocolate pudding which can bring you feeling full stomach without increasing weight.

Apple and peanut butter: You can eat an apple before go to bed. Apple is full of fiber which will help you to reduce huger. If you desire to eat sweet then eat peanut butter which can reduce the desire to eat sweet.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal can be the ideal for dinner. There are 200 calories in a bowl of oatmeal. It is very easy to digest and cure the abdominal pain.

Banana: Banana is a fruit which can satisfy your hunger before go to bed. It has many benefits. The good side of eating banana in night is it will not increase weight but it will not increase fat. It is one of the benefits of banana. You can see our article on the benefits of eating of banana to know about benefits of banana.

We usually forbid to eat before go to bed. Because it can increase the weight. But if you are hungry and cannot sleep then eat the food of Non-fat sour yogurt or sour cream, Chicken meat, Cheese, Oatmeal, Banana, Fat Free Chocolate Pudding, Apple and peanut butter etc. this will not only satisfy your hunger but helps to weight loss.

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